The birth of Stormi Webster, Travis Scott’s child, February 1, 2018, 201 days before his Sicko Mode single

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Read the prior post on how Travis Scott’s single SICKO MODE is synced with the Houston storm and power outage of Valentine’s Day, and in the days after (Travis Scott is from Houston).

For the latest piece of intel (courtesy of Bryson Bell), Travis Scott had a child with Kylie Jenner on February 1, 2018, three years before the STORM, and they named the child Stormi.

The child was born 1,109 days before February 14, 2021

Notice the child was born 201 days before the SICKO MODE single was put out. As we know, that is ‘The Jesuit Order’ signature number, and the Jesuit fingerprints are all over the Valentine’s Day weather and blackout ritual.

Speaking of SICKO MODE, Kylie’s father is Bruce Jenner, now known as ‘Caitlyn Jenner’, a name also equating to 201.

Caitlyn = 84 *Jesuit = 84 *Stormi Webster = 84
Austin = 84

The Texas power grid is controlled from the Jesuit stronghold, Austin.

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  1. Bryson Bell/BigBozzBubba on February 19, 2021 at 11:12 am

    Make sure to make it clear to everyone that the Astroworld album itself released on 8/3/2018, but Sicko Mode was released as a single on 8/21/2018.

    Astroworld Wikipedia, bottom of “Release and Promotion” section: “Sicko Mode” was sent to rhythmic and urban contemporary radio on August 21, 2018, as the album’s second single.”

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