The burning of Washington, 69-weeks after the burning of Canadian York, during the time of Agent 201, James Madison

Federal Government History Jesuit Military New World Order War World War

The day the White House burned in the War of 1812 was the day leaving 129-days left in the year (129 is 201 in base-8 counting).
129 is 201 in base-8 counting
*Georgetown = 129
James Madison = 201 (The president at the time)
The Jesuit Order = 201
Ignatius of Loyola = 201
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201

8 / 24 Fast Fact: August 24 is ‘Kobe Bryant Day’ because he wore 8 & 24
Died on his 105th day of his age *Order of Illuminati = 105
-Died 15-weeks into his age (120th tri. number) *Illuminati = 120
-Established May 1, 1776, or 1/5, like 15

Keep in mind that war began on Madison’s 95th day of his age, and the Jesuits were created to Counter the 95 Theses… and the rest of the 95 list.

And don’t forget Madison died on the first of the last 187 days in the year.
Washington DC = 187
George Washington = 187
Society of Jesus = 187
Holy Roman Empire = 187
Unconquered Sun = 187

-A million 187 rituals in the city… Trump to Ginsburg and way beyond…

And on the subjects of the Jesuits, notice the publishing of this related article below.

Keep in mind was published September 27, 2012, the day the Jesuits were recognized by Rome in history, and it was the 201st year since the War of 1812 began (not to be confused with 200-years later).

As for the burning of York between April 28 and 30 of 1913, it came after the city fell to American forces on April 27, a day before the plundering. And from April 28, 1813, the 118th day of the year, to August 24, 1914, was exactly 69-weeks later.
The Jesuit Order = 69 / 201

March 22 publishing date.

Also, notice this detail about Presidents and military duty during office.
George Washington, who the Jesuit University is named after
Georgetown = 129 (201 in base-8)
James Madison = 201
Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War (began on 102nd day of year)
Art of War 102 (Translated by a Jesuit priest & why it is popular)
Confederate = 201

Keep in mind only Washington and Madison didn’t die on July 4, like the other 3 of the first 5 presidents. Again, Adams and Jefferson died July 4, 1826, and 1826 days later, Monroe died on July 4, 1831.
Jesus = 74 (The Society of Jesus)
Cross = 74
Killing = 74
Messiah = 74
Gospel = 74
Parables = 74
Jewish = 74
Occult = 74
Masonic = 74

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  1. aaron00022 on June 20, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    Another interesting fire I recently heard about

    “ The Peshtigo fire was a large forest fire on October 8, 1871, in northeastern Wisconsin, United States, including much of the southern half of the Door Peninsula and adjacent parts of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The largest community in the affected area was Peshtigo, Wisconsin which had a population of approximately 1,700 residents. The fire burned about 1.2 million acres and is the deadliest wildfire in recorded history,[1] with the number of deaths estimated between 1,500[1] and 2,500.[2] Although the exact number of deaths is debated, mass graves, both those already exhumed and those still being discovered, in Peshtigo and the surrounding areas show that the death toll of the blaze was most likely greater than the 1889 Johnstown flood[3] death toll of 2,200 people or more.[4]”

    “ Occurring on the same day as the more famous Great Chicago Fire, the Peshtigo fire has been largely forgotten, even though it killed far more people. In total, the Great Chicago Fire took one-fifth as many lives as the Peshtigo Fire.[5][6] “Everybody’s heard about the Chicago fire, and that got all the publicity at the time,” said a volunteer at the Peshtigo Fire Museum, named Ruth Wiltzius, whose great-grandfather perished while trying to escape. “Peshtigo was a backwards lumber town then—who had ever heard of it? Chicago was the big city. Which one was going to get more attention?”[3]”

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