The Capitol Insurrection: The 455 Sack of Rome and the Goddess Code

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Events in the news are often parallels of mythological accounts or historic events. In the case of predictive programming, news events can be parallel narratives to events in the future.

The so-called “storming of the United States Capitol” of January 6th, 2020 could be an element of both historical parallel and predictive programming.

For multiple reasons it can be concluded that the United States is the “New Rome”; an extension of the Roman Empire.

A symbol of Rome was the eagle; a symbol of the United States is the eagle.

The center of governance of the Roman Empire was the Roman Senate which had its offices on Capitoline Hill. The United States Senate is located on Capitol Hill.

There are multiple examples; those are just two. So – with that parallel in mind — the “storming of the United States Capitol” may be equated with the Sack of Rome in 455.

The sack of Rome occurred on the 16th of June. 16 is 1-6 like January 6th.

Rome was sacked by the Vandals. The Capitol attackers have literally been described as vandals.

The Vandals who sacked Rome were a Germanic people. Northern Europeans were known for their horned head ornaments. The highest-profile Capitol rioter is Jacob Chansley who was dressed as a Germanic Vandal with his horns, animal skins and spear.

Actor Jacob Chansley dressed as a Germanic Vandal

The phrase “GERMANIC VANDAL” sums to 61 like the date 6-1; 6th January.

District of Columbia and the Capitol Dome: Symbols of the Goddess

There is another overarching theme to this “sub-ritual”: the goddess/ sacred feminine of which Washington D.C is central.

An esoteric need for such a ritual could be the impending ascension — to the highest seat of American government — of Kamala Devi Harris, the first female Vice-President-elect, soon to be the first female Vice President, and more than likely future President of the United States.

I have stressed and demonstrated often that prominent females are coded by a “goddess code.” The goddess code is more than abundant in the Kamala Harris narrative.

The United States of America and its capital were founded with various forms of veneration of the sacred feminine in mind.

The most vivid goddess symbol is the Roman Venus. The Romans referred to Venus as “VENUS COLUMBA.” COLUMBA means “dove.” From “Columba” we get “COLUMBIA” who is the patron goddess of the United States of America, after which its capital is named: The District of Columbia.

The Dome: The architectural representation of the sacred feminine is the dome which is a form of a breast or a womb. The Capitol dome is a goddess symbol, and the Statue of Freedom, which unofficially is the goddess Columbia, sits atop it.

Goddess Columbia atop the Capitol Dome

Washington D.C. also honors the Christian sacred feminine sitting between Virginia and Maryland; homage to the Virgin Mary.

D.C. famously has a pentagram pattern in its road map. The pentagram is a symbol of Venus. The United States honors Venus with 50 pentagrams in its national flag.

The planet Venus rules the zodiac signs of Libra and Taurus. Kamala Harris is a Libra. She is Venus.

In media articles detailing the charges against the most prominent Capitol vandals one model of handgun was mentioned:—photographed-wearing-camp-auschwitz-shirt—among-those-arrested-after-insurgency/?sh=12f4bc871fecirt—among-those-arrested-after-insurgency/?sh=12f4bc871fec

The TAURUS G2C 9mm was purportedly brandished by Christopher Alberts. The emphasis here is on TAURUS. Again: this is a Venus reference. “TAURUS G2C” ( with the numeral 2) sums to 54 in gematria, like “VENUS” sums to 54. “VANDAL” sums to 54. “Capitol Hill” sums to 54. “US CAPITOL DOME” sums to 54. “CAPITOL BUILDING” sums to 251. 251 is the 54th prime number.

If you do not use numerals and spell out “Taurus G two C nine millimeter handgun” you get 152. “Kamala Devi Harris” sums to 152.


In Ancient Kemet/Egypt 117 and 711 were the number of Aset/Isis who is Venus to the Romans. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built at a 11:7 ratio base to height.

Kamala Harris’ election victory was called on November 7th; 11-7.

It is the 117th U.S. Congress that the rioters were allegedly protesting.

In gematria “CAPITOL HILL” sums to 117.

The ratio of 11:7 (11 divided by 7) is 1.57 like 157. “TAURUS G2C 9 MILLIMETER HANDGUN” sums to 157. That is with the numerals 2 and 9.


In astrology TAURUS ruled by Venus is the detriment of SCORPIO ruled by Mars (and vice-versa). Joe Biden is a Scorpio. His demise would usher in a Kamala Harris Presidency. The only gun focused on is a TAURUS. Is there a dark hidden message here? Is this a clue to a future event related to the seat of American government?

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is at the heart of the event: it was her office that was highlighted as being desecrated; her lectern was pictured being carted off by a euphoric looter. She is the leader of the Congress that was purportedly being protested against.

With the numbers spelled out, “TAURUS G TWO C NINE MILLIMETER” sums to 326 like the date 3-26; March 26th which Nancy Pelosi’s birthday.

This ties into the female Vice President Kamala Harris because the first female U.S. Vice Presidential running mate on a major political party is Geraldine Ferraro who died on Nancy Pelosi’s 71st birthday.

“Kamala Devi Harris” sums to 71. “United States Capitol” sums to 71. The star vandal — who is literally an actor just as tv star Donald Trump is literally an actor — “Jacob Chansley” sums to 71.

Jacob Chansley

Klete Keller

Three time Olympion swimmer and gold medalist Klete Keller is the biggest celebrity Capitol stormer.

His name “Klete Keller” has double overlap with “VANDALS”

His story has multiple elements of seemingly unrelated events. I previously did a post on the pattern of mostly female figures in water-related deaths (lakes, swimming pools, bathtubs e.t.c.) into which the numbers 42 and 112/211 were encoded. The Klete Keller saga has all those elements.

His name “Klete Keller” sums to 181. 181 is the 42nd prime number.

The story of his involvement surfaced on January 12; 1-12.

112 is also 11th February. Kamala Harris’ mother died on that date. 11th February is also the birthday of Sarah Palin the most recent female U.S. Vice Presidential running mate.

The above tweet about Klete Keller was posted at 1:38. 138 is the gematria of “Donald Trump” and “Maga Hat.”

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