The Celtics ritual with the Heat, April 21, 2024 (the ongoing Joe Biden & John Havlicek story)

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Recall the day that John Havlicek died, the day Joe Biden announced he was running for US President in 2019, when Joe Biden’s Secret Service name is Celtic. That was April 25, 2019.

Today’s game, the first game of the Celtics 2024 NBA Playoffs, April 21, 2024.

Today was 153 days after Joe Biden’s birthday (the 17th triangular number.)
NBA=17 (Celtics on 17 championships)
-John Havlicek died 17 days after his birthday
-Modern Freemasonry since 1717 *NBA=17
-DC is the “Masonic” City
-Masonry is based in Kabbalah
-Gematria (Letters & Numbers) comes from Kabbalah)
-17, is the 7th prime number
-G is the 7th letter
-Masonry is symbolized with G

Moving on, from the day Havlicek died to the start of the NBA Finals is 1869 days.

Ulysses S. Grant became the 18th President in 1869.

It’s an election year, the 60th, and the Celtics today lead with 60 at the half.
-The score was 60-45, and it is Joe “Celtic” Biden vs. #45 *Miami=45 *Ritual=45

Celtics won by 20 *Heat=20 *Could the all-time series soon be 20-20?

Today, the Celtics got their 18th playoff win vs. the Heat all-time (they’re in pursuit of title #18).

They won with 114 points. *President of the United States=114 *History=114 *LeBron James=114

Yesterday, the Nuggets defeated LeBron James by 114 points.

The Lakers and Celtics are tied at 17 championships.

LeBron got the Lakers theirs in his 17th NBA season, after coming from Ohio, the 17th state, on the first day of July, or 1/7. *NBA=17

The Celtics came into today’s game with 17 wins vs. the Heat, and John Havlicek died in Jupiter Florida, not far from Miami.

Havlicek died in 2019. Heat can fall to 20-19 vs. Celtics in next game. RIP.

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