The death of John-Erik Hexum in accidental killing on the set of Cover Up, October 18, 1984

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As we have covered, Alec Baldwin’s birthday is April 3, and Brandon Lee was buried on April 3, 1993, after being killed on the set of The Crow in an accidental shooting, much like what happened to his father in the plot of the film Game of Death. Of course Bruce Lee died while filming the same movie on July 20, 1973, the 201st day of the year, much like how Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed part of the team making the film Rust on October 21, 2021, 201 days after his April 3 birthday.

That brings us to the accidental death of Jon-Erik Hexum, who was killed October 18, 1984, the date that later in history would become the anniversary of Event 201.
The Jesuit Order = 84 / 201

Go figure he was born on November 5, the date associated with the Jesuit plot to blow up British Parliament, and the day leaving 56 days in the year.
Society of Jesus = 56

Century City, California = 251 (54th prime) *Jesuit Order = 54

Notice he died 18 days before his birthday, on the 18th.
IHS = 18 / 18
Jon-Erik Hexum = 171 (18th triangular number)

Recall, Game of Death released in ’79. *Murder = 13+21+18+4+5+18 = 79

And again, Lee died on the 201st day of the year, July 20, and now Alec Baldwin has killed a cast member 201 days after his birthday.

It reminds that Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, died 84 days before his own birthday, in ’56. He was born in October as well…

For another, it was 201 days from the Brandon Lee’s death on March 31, 1993, to the anniversary of Hexum’s passing, October 18.

As for the gematria of Jon-Erik Hexum, notice how it fits in.

Jesuit Order = 153
Prop Firearm = 163
-Alec Baldwin is 63-years-old at the time of the latest “accidental killing”
171, 18th tri. number

And how about the name of the film, “Cover Up?”

Holy See = 35
Eye = 35
*Satan = 35
*Baphomet = 35

*Bruce Lee = 35 / 71
*Catholic = 35 / 71

-Alec Baldwin’s accident came on the day leaving 71 days in the year

Alec Baldwin turned 35 the day of Brandon Lee’s funeral, April 3, 1993.

Keep in mind April 3 is the 93rd day of the year… and the date of Jesus supposed crucifixion.

The three nails in the Jesuit logo represent ‘triclavianism’.

*Alec Baldwin’s killing was reportedly at 1:50 AM.
-Order of Illuminati = 201 / 93
-Illuminati = 150

From Bruce Lee’s death anniversary, to Alec Baldwin’s accidental killing, is 93-days.

And it is the crucifix, or the cross, where 93 meets 74. And “Hexum” died on the day leaving 74 days in the year.

Don’t forget Luke 10:18 either.

The morning stars, Jesus and Lucifer…

The sun 93 million miles way… (so they say…)

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  1. mjhound on October 22, 2021 at 11:30 am

    Ah jeeeze they better outlaw movie making and Hollywood all together and hot dog eating contests did you see the new story of a 20 yr old girl died after a hotdog eating contest?

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