The death of Ms. Minnie, reality TV star from Little Women: Atlanta, April 27, 2020

Celebrity Murder by Numbers

This woman died April 27, 2020, the 118th day of the leap year.

Ashley Ross died on a date with 71 numerology, and the surname ross sums to 71, as does ‘car crash’.

4/27/2020 = 4+27+20+20 = 71

Read about Eric B’s daughter’s recent death in a ‘car crash’:

She was 34, connecting to ‘murder’.

Just like the two athlete related murders we covered yesterday, involving Teshaun Hightower and Dexter Rentz, which were reported to have happened “around 11”, we have the same here.  Again, 11 is the master number, and its significance in satanic rituals was once made clear in the film Rosemary’s Baby.

It is also fitting that the news of her death comes on the 28th of April.

4/27/2020 = 4+2+7+2+0+2+0 = 17

And for the record, her nickname, Ms. Minnie, had the same gematria as Ashley Ross, 42.

You know how they love to pair 42 and 59.