The deaths of Joe Biden’s wife and daughter, December 18, 1972, in light of the Pope & Jesuit Superior General

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Read about the death of Joe Biden’s wife and daughter, December 18, 1972:

The death of his wife and daughter came 83 days after the Pope’s 75th birthday.

Read more about murder and 83 here:

You could also say it came on his 84th day of his age.

Jesuit = 84; The Jesuit Order = 84; The Catholic Church = 84

*Superior General = 84

We just saw Biden announce Kamala Harris as his VP in a huge Jesuit ritual, August 11, 2020:

Her death also came 34 days after the Superior General’s birthday.

Notice he suffered a paralyzing stroke on September 3rd of 1983, emphasis on ’83. And of course, September 3 leaves 119 days in the year.

*Vatican = 119 *Francis = 119

His surname, Arupe, has perfect overlap with ‘murder’.

*You could also say the ‘car crash’ came on Pedro Arrupe’s 35th day of his age.

Don’t forget when Beau Biden died at age 46, or when JFK, #35, was killed at age 46, in a major Jesuit ritual:

*Biden was 72 when his son died

*6/27/2019 = 6+27+20+19 = 72 *Date Joe and Kamala got into it over “busing”

*Busing = 72

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