THE GREATER RITUAL Part 2: KOBE BRYANT: Elements of a Mercury Ritual

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Virgo, Gemini, Jesus symbolism and Mercury planetary numbers

In Part 1 we established that the Greater Ritual that Kobe Bryant was a part of was a MERCURY RITUAL. Please read Part 1 first before reading this. Here again is the key to decoding Mercury rituals.

Here again are the dates of Gemini and Virgo who are ruled by Mercury:

Kobe Bryant

In Part 1 we discussed the number 41‘s significance to Kobe Bryant who is a VIRGO ruled by MERCURY. 41 is the Gematria value of “Mercury”.

A Gematria-cipher of equal importance to the base ciphers (Simple/Ordinal and Pythagorean/Full Reduction) is Jewish Gematria. In Jewish Gematria “Mercury” sums to 798.

The orbital period of the planet MERCURY is 87.9 days like 879; a numerical anagram of 798, the Jewish Gematria value of “MERCURY.”

Kobe Bryant’s jersey-number was changed from 8 to 24 to prep him for the Mercury Ritual.

As stated in Part 1, Jesus/Yeshua/Emmanuel could have been born on September 11th making him a VIRGO, ruled by MERCURY which synchronizes with the Messenger-of-the-gods title of the Greco-Roman deity. 33 is a number associated with Jesus/Yahushua which appears in many Mercury Rituals. Kobe Bryant meets this criteria for a Mercury Ritual:

Kobe Bryant died on the same day (Jan. 26, 2020) that the Grammys were held.

Also held on that day was the 33rd World Wrestling Entertainment’s Royal Rumble.

The other “Number of Jesus” is 74

“Joshua” is the English translation of “Yeshua” the Hebrew name for Jesus.

Mark 15:17 (KJV)

Purple is a color not just associated with Jesus, but specifically with his crucifixion. As a color of royalty he is reported to have been sarcastically hailed as “King of the Jews” before being crucified.

By sending him to the purple-wearing Lakers Kobe Bryant was already being selected for a future Mercury sacrifice ritual.

Kobe Bryant died during the 74th NBA season. He was the second high-profile NBA death in its 74th season. The former commissioner David Stern born September 22nd and – like Kobe Bryant and Jesus/Yeshua) – a VIRGO. Two appropriate people for a Mercury Ritual.

Kobe Bryant is said to have died in Calabasas, California

Kobe Bryant died on a date with 67 numerology

86 is a Gematria value (Reverse Ordinal/Simple) of “Mercury.”

Kobe Bryant’s nickname is “Black Mamba”

Kobe Bryant died on the same day that the Grammy Awards occurred. Kobe Bryant tributes were lead by host Alicia Keys whose name sums to 67 gematria.

67, The 33rd Royal Rumble; Part of the Greater Mercury-Ritual

Kobe Bryant’s death, the Grammy Awards and the WWE Royal Rumble all occurred on the same day (the middle of the season is when it is at its highest power and is hence a high-holy period. These are mid-Winter rituals).

The Royal Rumble – being part of a MERCURY RITUAL – had a Jesus/Yeshua-allusion; it was the 33rd edition, a key “Jesus number.”

Being part of the greater Mercury-ritual, the men’s 33rd Royal Rumble champion is Drew McIntyre, a GEMINI ruled by MERCURY.

McIntyre – in addition to being Gemini – is also Scottish; perfect for a Mercury-ritual.

The women’s championship was won by Charlotte Flair.


In a different context a Mercury-ritual can be positive. A Christ-like concept:

The Tarot card that represents the planet MERCURY is (#1) THE MAGICIAN. The image on the card is dressed in red-and-white robes; similar to a common depiction of Jesus Christ.

God and Jesus Christ have the moniker “The Great I AM” because the Bible quotes God and Jesus saying that phrase 300 times .


THE THREE “WISEMEN” who had exclusive divine knowledge of Jesus/Yeshua’s birth were called MAGI; Zoroastrian Persian high-priests. “Magician” is derived from “Magi.”

Kobe Bryant‘s helicopter took off from John Wayne Airport. This name is part of the Mercury Ritual as revealed by Gematria.

Zachary K Hubbard revealed that the Comedy Central animated series Legends of Chamberlain Heights – in an episode titled End of Days – featured Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter crash.

The episode aired November 16th, 2016.

From Kobe Bryant’s August 23rd, 2016 birthday to and including November 16th, 2016 is a span of 86 days.

58 and 59 are MERCURY NUMBERS given that the sidereal rotation period of the planet Mercury is 58.6 Earth days.

If September 11th is the real birth of Jesus/Yeshua then the phrase “born of a virgin” could be more accurately “born a Virgo.”

Christians give Jesus the moniker “King of kings”

On December 13th, 2019 Kobe Bryant is said to have directed traffic after witnessing – and assisting victims of – a traffic accident in Newport Beach, California. This was part of the greater ritual as Gematria reveals.

The other VIRGO death in the 74th NBA season is former commissioner David Joel Stern.

The singer Prince who we mentioned in Part 1 is also associated with 41. Prince is a Gemini and performed at Super Bowl 41(XLI). He is also associated with the important color purple, as mentioned earlier in this article: a crucifixion color.

LeBron James is an important element of the ritual. His moniker – importantly – is KING JAMES. Playing for Bryant’s Lakers, he passed Kobe Bryant on the NBA all-time scoring chart – in Bryant‘s home town of Philadelphia – the night before Bryant‘s reported death.

King James is a GEMINI ruled by MERCURY. he died at age 58 a major “Mercury number.”

Look at where King James is said have died: at THEOBALDS House. Gematria reveals that this – like his zodiac sign and age at death – synchronizes with a Mercury theme.

In Gematria “Mercury” = 86. “Hermes” = 32.

Drew is the first name of 33rd WWE Royal Rumble champion. “I am” is a popular phrase and moniker of Jesus.

Legendary college football head coach Bear Bryant shares the same last name, death date and zodiac sign as Kobe Bryant; a VIRGO representing MERCURY. He began his career as a head coach in the year ’58.

David Stern‘s bio mentions that he stood at 59“.

The media first reported 5 dead in the helicopter crash, and then reported 9 dead. 59; a Mercury reference.

The “WEST” Element of the Ritual

Kanye West

Artist Kanye West is another element to the greater Mercury ritual. He collaborated with Kobe Bryant in a high-production but nonetheless cheesy Nike ad which featured an exploding helicopter.

Kanye West is chosen because he is a GEMINI and – like Kobe Bryant – is ruled by MERCURY.

Jerry West

The other West component – of the Kobe Bryant and greater Mercury ritual – is NBA legend Jerry West whose silhouette is used as the NBA logo.

It has been suggested that Kobe Bryant‘s silhouette might replace Jerry West‘s as the official NBA logo. Jerry West is part of the ritual as a GEMINI.

In addition to being Mercury-sign Gemini, the name “West” makes Kanye and Jerry ripe for the ritual. “WEST” sums to 67 the Gematria value of “Mercury Ritual” and other related terms. 41 is the most salient number of the greater ritual, and the Gematria value of “MERCURY.”

Trae Young

Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks was said to have been Kobe Bryant‘s daughter Gigi‘s favorite player and a Kobe Bryant protege. A disproportional amount of media coverage was focused on his tribute.

Trae Young is of course a Mercury-sign VIRGO.

Trae Young‘s tribute “somehow” included his recording the first 45-point double-double with less than 25 field goal attempts since Bryant did it on December 17, 2006.

This concludes The Greater Ritual Part 2.

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