THE GREATER RITUAL Part 3: Patrick Mahomes as Hermes in Super Bowl LIV

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As established in The Greater Ritual Parts 1 and 2: There is a broader over-arching grander project of which Kobe Bryant‘s death and other events are sub-parts.

The greater project is Mercury-related. Mercury is both a Roman deity and a planet.

The planet Mercury rules the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. Hence Virgos (such as Kobe Bryant) and Gemini are often used in such rituals.

Jesus symbolism is almost always part of Mercury rituals. This gives credence to a popular belief that September 11th is the real birthday of Jesus/Yeshua. That would make Jesus a Virgo. Hence Jesus = Mercury; the spirit-flesh Messenger-of-the-Gods.

The symbolism is undeniable. Above left: Patrick Mahomes Sr. with baby Jr, born September 17th; a VIRGO wearing TWINS gear; TWINS being a symbol of Gemini. Patrick Mahomes was chosen to represent Hermes/Mercury.

Hermes/Mercury Represent the Principle of DUALITY

Hermes and Mercury represent duality or polarity; opposites. Hence the twins symbol for Mercury-ruled Gemini.

Planets have sexes; Venus and Earth are the only female planets. The rest are male with the exception of Mercury. The planet Mercury is both male and female. This is the duality of Mercury.

The Chinese Yin-Yang represents the same principle. Gematria reveals this.

Because Hermes/Mercury represents DUALITY (think of Mercury in mirrors that duplicate images. MERCURY in a thermometer: hot-cold) the anthropomorphism of the principle was originally meant to be of mixed race; European and African; black and white as exemplified below.

 Hermes/Mercury portrait  from the 1st Century A.D. exhibited at the National Archeological Museum of Naples, Italy

Being of mixed race, this is another reason that Patrick Mahomes was chosen to represent Hermes/Mercury.

Mahomes‘ birthday is the 17th of September; written 179, like 179 the 41st prime number. 41 is the Gematria value of “Mercury.”

The name of his team corresponds in Gematria to the occulted role that he is playing.

The number of points the Chiefs scored in winning the Super Bowl corresponds with HERMES in Gematria.

Super Bowl LIV: The Joe Montana Bowl

Legendary NFL quarterback Joe Montana played for both the 49ers and the Chiefs. For this reason Super Bowl LIV was dubbed the “Joe Montana Bowl.” Of course, since it is part of the broader Mercury ritual, Joe Montana is a Gemini.

The San Fransisco 49ers – born June 4th – are also GEMINI. On an occult level Super Bowl LIV was the “Mercury Bowl.”

The Impeachment Bowl

Zachary K Hubbard dubbed Super Bowl LIV the “Impeachment Bowl” with the 49ers representing Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi who hails from San Fransisco, and the Chiefs representing the Commander-in-CHIEF Donald Trump. Patrick Mahomes attended Whitehouse High-School in Whitehouse, Texas.

Again, I have dubbed it the “Mercury Bowl”. Donald Trump provides an appropriate bridge between “Impeachment Bowl” and “Mercury Bowl” being a Gemini.

In the Greater Ritual Part2 we saw how 67 was a key number for obvious reasons: the Gematria of “Mercury Ritual” is 67. Related names and terms matched up with “Mercury Ritual” at 67. This is again the case with Pat Mahomes.

Jesus symbolism seems intrinsic to Hermes/Mercury rituals. 33 is a primary “Jesus number” since he is said to have died at age 33.

Pat Mahomes was the 33rd quarterback to win a Super Bowl.