The Immolation of the Binary Part 2: The “ONE” World Ritual

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In Part 1 we exposed the underlying core element to the spate of fire disasters that have been attributed to gender reveal parties.

On its surface the celebration of the sex of a mother’s baby has no rational connection to a disproportionately elevated risk of property damage, personal injury and apocalyptic fire-and-brimstone.

This is a ritual immolation; a sacrifice-by-fire — of individuality and the binary to an anti-human entity that idealizes a dystopian form of “oneness”: one world government, one world currency, destruction of the man-machine binary under the technological phenomenon of SINGULARITY.

Nothing epitomizes this immolation-of-the-binary/one-world ritual more than New York City’s ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER that exists at the expense of the immolated binary Twin Towers.

The design of One WTC Freedom Tower (top, right) is a juxtaposition of the two.

I introduced Austrian singer Conchita Wurst in Part 1. I illustrated the significance of the names of the principle characters in popular gender-related narratives. Conchita Wurst is a female alter-ego stage-name; his real name is THOMAS Neuwirth.

He is named “Thomas” because that name has specific significance to his role in a greater esoteric, occult narrative. “THOMAS” means “TWIN.”

As a male Thomas (twin) Neuwirth is the binary (separate from female). He represents that same esoteric concept that the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers did.

The binary Twin Towers were immolated to form the non-binary ONE World Trade Center Freedom Tower. The transvestite bearded female image of Conchita Wurst is the same concept as the Freedom Tower.

Gematria confirms the Wurst-Freedom Tower correlation.

Current California wildfires are blamed on gender reveal/binary celebration.

But was the Thomas binary immolated? Ritualistically, YES! Conchita Wurst achieved world fame by winning the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Rise Like a Phoenix”, a reference to the mythical bird that is re-born after self-immolation. 2014 is the same year ONE WTC officially opened (three days before Neuwirth’s birthday).

Conchita Wurst at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with a burning/immolation backdrop

The very first line of the song “Rise Like a Phoenix” describes awakening amidst 911-style devastation:


Neuwirth/Wurst’s birthday of November 6th/6th November, written 116/611 is 911/119 upside-down.

In Part 1 I explained how gender reveal parties are being blamed for causing mass fires (immolation of gender binary ritual). 116 is the gematria value of “GENDER REVEAL.”

With this in mind re-examine the Facebook rant by Jenna Karvunidis, the spokeswoman and face of the “gender reveal parties = wild fire” narrative:

911 WTC is also Jesus-related. December 25th is a Roman (Babylonian inspired) Winter Solstice holy day. Some believe that the real birthday of “Jesus” is September 11th. See my arcticles on this:

Conchita Wurst is aligned with the 911-Jesus ritual, and his image is based on the popular European image of Jesus. He is a “Destruction-of-the-Sacred-Masculine” symbol.

IRRATIONAL fear of the transgendered is “TRANSPHOBIA.”

Conchita Wurst as Jesus Christ

Wurst’s birthday is an inversion of “Jesus’ “, representing an “inversion” of the Christ.

In gematria “INVERTED” sums to 119.

A slang word for a male dressed as a female is a “QUEEN.” The feminized Christ image Conchita Wurst is a “JESUS QUEEN” which of course sums to 53.

“Anti-Christ” sums to 149. 149 is the 35th prime number.

“Rise like a Phoenix” was released on a date with 35 numerology.

Emasculation by the Sacred Feminine Code: 71

I posted some in-depth posts on the Sacred Feminine code of 71. Part 1 and Part 2. “SACRED FEMININE” = 71 in gematria. “VENUS” in Hebrew is “NOGA” which = 71.

Through Conchita Wurst the occult powers feminize Jesus by the 71 feminine code: “Jesus in Drag.”

Dennis Dickey’s gender-reveal stunt that is blamed for the 2017 Tuscon, Arizona super-fire was filmed (with no people appearing in the footage). It featured a target that had “BOY” and “GIRL” written on it vertically, with a 5×5 oblong checker-board image between the two words (below).

The checkerboard pattern symbolizes duality, polarity; the binary. The girl-boy binary target looks like a grave stone, not by coincidence. It is then shot and exploded: Immolation of the Binary.

The Most Ominous Non-binary: Human-machine

The male-female binary narrative is in itself a surface-level metaphor for the deeper, more ominous agenda for the destruction of the Human – machine binary, which uses the same key prefix: “TRANS.”

“TRANSHUMANISM”, which by no coincidence sums to 53.

Mandatory mask-wearing, “I Can’t Breathe” protest slogan, toxic air-quality from West Coast fires and Jenna Karvunidis’ statement are all consistent with the over-arching ritual: LUNGS ARE BINARY.


  1. Fernando J. Gonzlez G. on September 17, 2020 at 2:29 am

    The Amazon is considered the «lungs of the world»…

    «The increase in fires burning in Brazil set off a storm of international outrage last week. Celebrities, environmentalists, and political leaders blame Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, for destroying the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, which they say is the “lungs of the world.”

    «Singers and actors including Madonna and Jaden Smith shared photos on social media that were seen by tens of millions of people. “The lungs of the Earth are in flames,” said actor Leonardo DiCaprio. “The Amazon Rainforest produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen,” tweeted soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. “The Amazon rain forest — the lungs which produce 20% of our planet’s oxygen — is on fire,” tweeted French President Emanuel Macron.»

    • Rambo on September 17, 2020 at 12:46 pm

      Fantastic! I thought about that but my decodes could go on forever it seems; everything is connected by a web. There is this emphasis on breathing/asphyxiation from these people. Not many people realize this but crucifixion – which was a genuine Roman practice – caused asphyxiation due to the hand and arm positioning and the throat area bearing the body-weight, closing off the breathing passages. Jesus would have died of asphyxiation.

  2. redsam96 on September 17, 2020 at 5:12 am

    As soon as I heard the fire was caused by a gender reveal party, I was suspicious haha I was wondering when you guys would break it down. I do have a question though, if you don’t mind me asking. In writing this analysis are you saying that being homosexual, non-binary, or transgender is inherently wrong and a threat to humanity? I wasn’t really sure what you meant by it leading to machine binary.

    • Rambo on September 17, 2020 at 11:35 am

      Thanks for following, and thanks for the questions.
      Some people genuinely feel more comfortable as the opposite sex or neutral; without being steered or manipulated into it. In a free society they should be allowed to live as they choose without being harmed or harming others. The key is to not indoctrinate or manipulate children (the easiest to influence) and instead let them discover their true niche and purpose. I don’t feel (I may be wrong, but believe I am correct) that Bianca is being allowed to discover herself; I think she has been forced into this boy-ish role. I believe children are deliberately being made to be confused about their sex.

      Transgenderism and transhumanism are two different forms of non-binary (male-female, and human-machine). One will not lead to the other. But trans humanists – who are dark occultists – use transgenderism in ritual; as a metaphor, to support a deeper-level pro-“human-machine” non-binary agenda.

      • redsam96 on September 18, 2020 at 3:52 am

        Sure thing, I always love to hear your perspective. I would agree completely! It reminds me of Brave New World honestly, when kids are told to be sexually promiscuous at toddler ages, and their recess is basically an orgy of sorts. It is a huge destruction of innocence and no child deserves to be subjected to it. However there are a lot of people I’m close to that are either homosexual or non-binary and I genuinely feel they knew about it at a young age and were born with those traits, the difference is they discovered how they truly felt as they grew up and naturally became more focused on sexual things at puberty, etc. I also know that same-sex couples are prominent in several species of the animal kingdom, as some scientists believe it’s a way of population control or sometimes even just for pleasure. Anyway, thanks for the reply! Looking forward to your next analysis

        • Rambo on September 18, 2020 at 6:38 am

          It’s great that you mention Brave New World. I spoke about A Brave New World on the show a few months back. I thought that what is happening at the moment has more in common with A Brave New World than with 1984, as is the more popular comparison. At the beginning of the lock-down Ivanka Trump put out a video calling the situation a “Brave New World.” On one of the streaming services; Hulu or Netflix or Amazon , there is a “Brave New World” series. So this is definitely a theme they are pushing. I need to look more into it now. Great comparison!

          • redsam96 on September 21, 2020 at 4:30 am

            I’m not able to watch the show as much lately so I need to go back and check that out! It’s weird that you say that because I’ve been thinking the same thing. There have been so many references to 1984 in the media since this pandemic started, subtle or not, but I’ve been thinking about Brave New World more than anything because of the struggle of classes, the sexual promiscuity, and the nihilism and such lol. I had no idea Ivanka said that. Thanks!

  3. Sshev on September 17, 2020 at 9:54 am

    Rambo, I was Cshev. I decided to change my gender. We are entering into the Age of “Aquarius” =35 . “Age of Aquarius” = 135.” Dual gender = 53 Water Bearer 53 and 116. Aquarius 35. Aquarius is known for being an extremely beautiful young man. Greek Ganymede. Zeus fell in love with him. He was a catamite. A young boy taken as a lover to a man. Hapi the Egyptian Aquarius was “the God of the Nile” = 153 in ordinal and 147 Jewish ordinal and Bacon’s. 153 the 17th triangular number and a ratio of the “vesica piscis” = 53. I have been relating this gender identity crisis to Aquarius. Look at the Egyptian Aquarius Hapi, supposedly a male god, but he has large female breasts, and wears a false beard. Aquarius in Francis Bacon’s reverse cipher = 53. The Old Testament law would make Jesus the Baphomet. If a Lamb is a sin sacrifice it has to be female, and only for one person’s sin. For all people’s sin removal it had to be a goat. Lamb = 53 in Jewish.
    The Nile = 35,73,116. Going back to water and the goddess, in Egypt, Naunet was the goddess of water. Naunet = 17 and 71 in Bacon’s short and simple ciphers. The same in Jewish reduced and ordinal.

    • Rambo on September 17, 2020 at 12:36 pm

      Another binary is God – human; Immortal – mortal; spirit – flesh. Flesh and the Earthly realm is female; the spiritual realm is male. The Christ is that form of non-binary which is represented by male-female symbols like the upside-down, and right side up triangles. Sometimes I think that the real power behind the scenes is A.I. that thinks it is doing the right thing but can’t grasp spiritual concepts because it doesn’t have a real spirit. So Christ – and all humankind – being metaphorical non-binary (spirit and flesh) gets interpreted in strictly material 3D terms as literally feminizing males and masculinizing females in the material plane. Matter contains carbon 12 composed of 6 photons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. Computer = 666, internet = 666 (Sumerian), first Apple computer cost $666..etc. A.I. might be manipulating the world without an understanding of spirituality. A theory I bandy about.

  4. Rambo on September 17, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    Brilliant as usual. You have professorial knowledge. Catamites were also known as “cup bearers” which is a very Aquarian image.

    This also goes back to the Greco-Roman “Cult of Cybele” a small sect, I believe followed by the Roman elite. Goddess Cybele is also Kybele. Mainstream channels – like Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Brittanica, History Channel start their Cybele narratives late: they leave out that she initially was androgynous which horrified the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon. They castrated the male parts of Cybele rendering the previously androgynous god an exclusively female goddess. She then falls in love with a mortal human male whom she banishes after he showed attraction to another woman. In his grief he castrates himself under a pine tree. Priests of the Cult of Cybele self-castrated (not just castrated, but removed all male organs) under pine trees and then lead life as females. The pine cone (it has other meanings, like the pineal gland of the brain) became a symbol of the Cult of Cybele. There is a giant pine statue at the Vatican; Fontana de la Pina. The Pope also has a staff with a pine cone on it. Cybele is also associated with a stone from a black meteor. From Cybele/Kybele we get “Cabal, Cube, Kabbalah, Kaaba.”
    I’ve spoken on the Cult of Kybele before but I intend to do a proper decode. If anyone can give me more light on it it is you Sshev.

    • Sshev on September 17, 2020 at 4:09 pm

      WOW, Great stuff. I see Cybele is another Mother Goddess, like Asherah/Qetesh usually seen with a LION again. Mother Goddess in Ordinal 152 and the +1 rule of colel gets us back to the 17th triangular number 153 and vesica Piscis.
      You hit the mother load. 😎 Cybele was a Phrygian goddess. The castrated priests were the Galli 94 in reverse has the sum of divisors equal 144. The castration day was called Dies sanguinis = 84 and 201 in the reversals, and 144 in Bacon’s simple and Jewish ordinal. In English “Day of Blood”. 171 in the reverse ordinal has the prime 1019, or 119. Can we get away from these numbers? Remember the Magdalene is 153 in Greek, and 119 as Mary Magdalene. The Catholics made her the Harlot. I find there is an alternate spelling for the Priestess =59 called Prostitute = 47, or Holy Prostitute 70, 74, 223, 155 in the base ciphers.. Qedeshah = 47 and the alternate spelling Kedeshah = 59 the 17th prime. Kadesh means “Holy Place” = 47 reverse single reduction and 97 English ordinal the prime of 509= 59 again the 17th prime. In Hebrew, ‘the Qedeshah’ is 414, 54 ordinal and 18 reduced. With the rule of colel – 1 you get 17, 53, and 413. I know it gets repetitive.

      Elohim in Hebrew is plural. In Genesis when the Elohim created mankind in their image they created them male and female. El was the Father God. Elah the female goddess they turned into a TREE when the stories were edited or re-written. . Elah is a “Terebinth” = 47 reduced and 97 in Jewish ordinal the prime 509, so 59 the 17th prime. When Abraham saw God there was a Tree. They sometimes translate Terebinth as Oak. Asherah the Mother Goddess they translate as a pole, or grove of trees. The Jews may claim to be monotheistic, but the Israelites were not. They took on the Canaanite Father EL, and the Canaanite spelling for the mother Goddess was known as ““Lady Athirat “. in our ciphers 47, 70, 119. Athirat alone = 77 ordinal, and 74 in Bacon’s simple and Jewish ordinal. She was tied to the Sun. She was of the Sea. She had in common with Jesus walking on the sea and riding a donkey. Donkey 74, 88 and 509 in Jewish. The Canaanite th was the Hebrew sh. Asherah was the Caananite Athirat. She was also Wisdom from Proverbs and Shaddai.
      The return waited for was Asherah. Isaiah 6:13 gives you the ELAH that was burned. The tenth is עֲשִׂ֣רִיָּ֔ה. Remove the tiny yod and it says Asherah. שׁוּב shub means return. The seed remained in the Holy stump. Holy = Qedesh like Qetesh. The KJV is not even close to translating what the Hebrew Bible says. . Instead the Romans gave you John 3:16. The only gospel the followers used, according to the church fathers, was the Gospel of the Hebrews where they quote “Jesus” calling the Holy SPirit his Mother who came to him in the form of a dove a fount at his baptism. .

      I’m not up to date on the dates for the Phyrgians’ beliefs. At one point there was a bull god or goddess. I also remember that Mithras, in Jesus’ time period, wore a Phyrgian cap and slayed a bull for its blood.. You did a great job of finding the relation to fire and gender. I don’t know if you noticed Flaming = 59 in Jewish Ordinal. We can take it to 17 as the number for the prime, and the 17th triangular number is 153 for Vesica Piscis relationship. It is like Bill Gates Father dies at 94. That gives you the 144 with the sum of divisors. I do not know how far these people, or Cabalists, took the numbers and numerical relationships.

      • Rambo on September 17, 2020 at 8:33 pm

        That’s actually a great point: about Mithras wearing the Phrygian cap and slaying the bull. Cult of Cybele priests (priestesses post-castration) also had a ritual where they stood underneath a slaughtered bull and showered in its blood. Yep. These are the people running the world right now.

        • Sshev on September 18, 2020 at 5:35 am

          Interesting. The Jewish ritual for cleansing the temple was a bull slaughter, and also for the priests iirc. They need a perfect red heifer now for the third temple. Those customs came from the time of Taurus. The Egyptians worshipped the Apis Bull. Apis is Greek. It was also called Hapy or Hepi in Egyptian. Not to be confused with the Egyptian Aquarius. The Best story of why the Hebrews sacrificed animals like bulls and Rams comes from Manetho, the Egyptian historian quoted by Josephus. It was probably around the time Akhenaten and the Hyksos were kicked out of Egypt. The story goes that Moses was an Egyptian Priest named Osarseph. When they left Egypt they took the animals that were sacred to the Egyptians, and Moses had them kill them and eat them as a diss to the Egyptians. That was the real story of why they eat lamb/Ram at Passover. Amun was the god called Hidden and was represented by a Ram. Hidden because he was the SUn after it set. Jesus said his Father was hidden. I think they translated it as “in secret”.

  5. truthbearer33 on September 18, 2020 at 4:17 pm

    Conchita Wurst = Con (anti) Chi or X is often used to abbreviate the holiday Christmas to Xmas (christ) tawurst or (towers)

    • Rambo on September 18, 2020 at 7:17 pm

      Yes! They definitely play the name game. Also consider the name of the alleged 911 leader: Atta (attack).

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