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118, 138

Last week I discussed a prevalent K.H. theme that manifested in the resignation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who was succeeded by the first female Governor of New York Kathy Hochul.

Her initials are significant because Kathy Hochul is a female deputy replacing a male in high office. The female Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris has the same initials, and looks poised to be part of the fulfillment of the same ritual theme at a higher level when President Joe Biden is replaced either do to death or resignation.

I also mentioned last week that the tarot card Wheel of Fortune was an esoteric key to the grand ritual.

It depicts the astrological Fixed cross which is the X cross formed by Scorpio-Taurus on one axis, and Leo-Aquarius on the other.

This is significant to Joe Biden since he is a Scorpio which is represented by the phoenix on the card.

The Fixed Cross is also known as St. Andrew’s Cross as I mentioned last week. St. Andrew’s Day is November 30th. It is significant that the most recent death of a U.S. President — that of George H W Bush — took place on November 30th (2018). “Andrew” was hugely significant to the ritual since that is the first name of the former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the temporary Lieutenant Governor was named Andrea, Italian for “Andrew” Stewart Cousins.

Stewart is also a very Scottish name. St. Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland and the Fixed Cross X saltire is displayed on the flag of Scotland.

St. Andrews Cross is also known as the Greater Cross, or the Galactic Cross and is described three times in the Bible: Daniel 7:4 (“cross” = 74 in gematria), Ezekiel 1:10 and Revelation 4:7.

The X cross is part of Papal iconography as seen in the keys of Simon Peter that are said to have been given to Peter by Jesus. There is a silver key and a golden key.

The silver key is a key to the silver gate, and the golden key is a key to the golden gate.

In astrology Scorpio is the Golden Gate while its opposite Taurus is the Silver Gate. So here we see more ritual elements relating to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris is from the Bay Area of California known for the Golden Gate Bridge, while Joe Biden is of the Golden Gate zodiac sign Scorpio.

In Ancient Kemet/Egypt Aset/Isis is the guardian of the Silver Gate. Kamala Harris also represents the Silver Gate being a Libra which is ruled by Venus. The Roman goddess Venus is Aphrodite and Isis/Aset. Venus also rules Taurus the bull, which is opposite Scorpio. This is why Isis is pictured with horns.

K is the 11th letter; H is the 8th. So K.H. is 118.

In gematria “SILVER GATE” sums to 118. This applies to K.H. Kamala Harris who is being used as Isis in ritual.

Remember that Kamala Harris was selected as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential Running Mate on 11-8, 11th August.

118 also relates to the Golden Gate in Ancient Egyptian/Kemetian symbolism. The scarab beetle is said to be the guardian of the Golden Gate. “SCARAB” sums to 118 in gematria.

13 AUGUST, 138

In my last article I mentioned that at the heart of the Andrew Cuomo-to-Kathy Hochul ritual is the fact that the star Regulus that is a “Royal Star” that effects rulership and leadership moved out of Leo a masculine fire sign, and into Virgo (in theTropical Zodiac) a more feminine Earth sign, on the 13th of August, 2012. This makes the 13th of August a central ritual element related to Biden-to-Harris and other rituals.

In my last article I mentioned that Andrew Cuomo’s highest-profile sexual harassment accuser is Brittany Commisso whose birthday is the 13th of August.

Kevin Hart

Another famous K.H. is actor and comedian Kevin Hart. The Hart is a reference to the heart which is a symbol of Venus who is the goddess of love; the heart being a love symbol. Venus is Isis who guards the Silver Gate.

“VENUS” sums to 54 in gematria. “Kevin Hart” sums to 54.

On March 2nd, 2013 Kevin Hart guest-starred on Saturday Night Live and did a skit titled “The New Pope.”

This episode was aired as the world awaited the announcement of a new Pope. It was aired 11 days before the announcement that Pope Francis would be the new Pope.

The male-to-female theme was central here as Hart appeared as at-the-time 9 year-old-actress Quvenzhane Wallis who is announced as the new Pope.

From the date that the “Royal Star” Regulus moved from Leo to Virgo August 13th, 2012 — to the date of the Saturday Night Live episode with Kevin Hart ( March 2nd, 2013) — is a period of 201 days.

For the massive significance of the number 201 and the Pope, look at Zachary K Hubbard’s work on it:

Here are some quick examples: Pope Francis broke convention by deciding to reside in Suite 201 instead of the Apostolic Palace. His name sums to 201 in gematria as does “The Jesuit Order” and the name of the founder of the Jesuit Order.

“William Henry Gates” also sums to 201. Bill Gates is a Scorpio and therefor represents the Golden Gate. The fact that his name is Gates is more evidence of his ritual significance. Bill Gates’ father Bill Gates Sr. was born on St. Andrew’s day.

K.H. is not the only connection of Kevin Hart to Kamala Harris. He was portraying an inauguration of world-wide significance; an inauguration that Kamala Harris would be part of when sworn in as Vice President of the United States on January 20th, 2021. Harris famously wore a purple dress reminiscent of the purple dress that K.H. Kevin Hart wore on Saturday Night Live.

Rome replaced two of its top three deities, Mars and Quirinus (a.k.a. Janus) of the Archaic Triad with Juno and Minerva in the Capitoline Triad.

Kevin Hines

Another K.H. is Kevin Hines. He is further connected to Kamala Harris in that he is from San Fransisco. He is famous for reportedly surviving a suicide jump from the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is reported that on September 25th, 2000 Kevin Hines jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in a suicide attempt but miraculously survived – and lives without major physical disabilities – after a Sea Lion kept him afloat after he landed in the water. He has become a high profile suicide prevention activist.

He stars in a multiple-award-winning documentary titled ” SUICIDE, The Ripple Effect.” Remember that K.H. equals 11 8.

The date of the jump off the Golden Gate Bridge is significant in gematria: “TWENTY FIFTH SEPTEMBER” sums to 259 the way the date can be written.

Here again we see a Kamala Harris connection. The former professional wrestler James “Kamala” Harris died two days before Kmala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential running mate. James “Kamala” Harris’ nickname was “THE UGANDAN GIANT” which sums to 259 like “twenty fifth September” the date that K.H. Kevin Hines is reported to have jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Kevin Hines attended the Catholic Archbishop Riordan High School in San Fransisco. Their main school color is purple.

The Sea Lion that is reported to have saved Kevin Hines’ life is a reference to the zodiac sign of Leo which is part of the X Fixed Cross a.k. St. Andrew’s Cross.

K.H. CORONA Satellite Program

Also, shout out to Stevie for mentioning the K.H. Corona Satellite program that was used by the CIA during the Cold War to spy on China and the Soviet Union.

They say that K.H. stood for Key Hole. The Vatican holds significant influence over the world’s intelligence agencies. And it is a place where we famously see the largest K.H. Key Hole in the design of St. Peter’s Square.

The Keyhole layout of St. Peter’s Square


  1. Gematria Here on September 1, 2021 at 9:02 pm

    I just gotta say thank you to Rambo for throwing the recognition for tidbits I send him. For real, love the people here.

    • Rambo on September 1, 2021 at 9:26 pm

      Thank You for the contribution, brother!

    • Rick Godley on September 2, 2021 at 4:12 am

      I too want to pass along my appreciation to all who share. This helps me navigate thee daily cacophony of today’s narrative. One day, we’ll hope to use this knowledge to glitch their matrix. What man means for evil, Gematria turns it for good. “And as for you, you meant evil against me, but Gematria meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive. You have nothing to fear. I will take care of you and your children.” So he reassured them with kind words that touched their hearts.” Genesis 50:21

  2. AnthonyCDavison on September 2, 2021 at 4:59 am

    The cross-key logo is commonly referred to as the

    (K)eys of (H)eaven

    which unlock the gates to the

    (K)ingdom of (H)eaven

    as the very first paragraph of this wiki article shows:,Peter%20Paul%20Rubens%29%20holding%20the%20Keys%20of%20Heaven.

    The main numbers that seem to tie all this together are our old favourites 16 and 53 with a smattering of 52:


    Keys of Heaven=136/53 (136 the 16th triangular number, 53 the 16th prime)
    Kingdom of Heaven=256 (256 has a square root of 16)
    “Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven”= 106 (Alt title as per the wiki article above)

    If only the sheep knew how badly they’ve been diddled…

    Gates of Pearl=53
    Eternal Life=53
    Kevin Hines=53

    Pope Francis=122
    San Francisco=122

    Now onto 52:


    (Janus/Quirinus “the god of beginnings, *GATES*, *TRANSITIONS*, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames, and ENDINGS” (as per wiki))

    Pearl=52 (Don’t forget Pearl is the birthstone of Gemini and important to Kamala)
    California=52 (Home of the Golden Gate)
    **WHITE SMOKE=52
    (Kevin) HART=25

    To underpin the relevance of the above observations and the importance of 16 (53) and 52/25 to the Key/Gates ritual:
    The Hollywood film “Kingdom of Heaven” was released on May 2nd 2005 (Written 2/5/2005 or 5/2/2005)
    the 122nd day of the year. It begins in France and is centred around the main character’s wife’s SUICIDE and the CRUSADES

    It stars Orlando Bloom whose name is an exact match with Keys of Heaven in the first three ciphers, including 136
    (136 the 16th Triangular Number)
    and was released 256 days from his JANUARY (Janus) birthday
    Kingdom of heaven=256 (Square root of 16)
    256 days in this case is also 8 months and 11 days..

    As you and most of the community know, the top-two numbers of the current mass-deception are 56 and 201 and here we find both:

    ***Kingdom of Heaven=201 (FRANCIS Bacon)***
    ***”Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven”=263 (Again, this is a ‘Wiki-approved’ term)***

    263 the 56th prime
    COVID Vaccine=56
    Rebranded flu=56 etc

    **Don’t forget Biden and Harris were born EXACTLY 263 months apart**

  3. redsam96 on September 2, 2021 at 6:17 am

    That was incredibly in depth…it made me think of so many connections at once lol so lemme see if I can condense my thoughts a bit:

    Firstly, do you think that the Taliban taking back Afghanistan is a similar ritual? You have Isis-K, a transfer of power, etc. not to mention: “The Taliban” and “Aphrodite” both equal 44 in the keypad cipher and “Taliban” = 118 in Franc Baconis. I know they’ve been discussed at length on this blog but I couldn’t help but notice….I wonder why these people do the same ritual in so many different ways all the time? I guess repetition and the more people involved, the greater the power?

    Another thing that has been bugging me for a long time in regards to the Greater Cross, is that as soon as I see it, I’m immediately reminded of the video game series I’ve grown up playing called “Kingdom Hearts” (another K.H.), which combines characters from Final Fantasy and Disney. The main weapon you use in that game is called a “Keyblade” and if you search “Keyblade Logo Kingdom Hearts” or “The X Blade” you’ll see exactly what I mean. One of the main logos is literally 2 keyblades crossed just like Greater cross and The X Blade is one of the most powerful weapons in the story. Honestly i’ve noticed many things about the lore of the games and the (somewhat needlessly) complex plotline, but it’s far too much to dive into in one comment haha. In fact just typing this out has made me realize so much more. Another example I do want to point out though is how Sora, the main character, uses the keyblade to open universe “gates” at times… yeah… the gematria is also rich in many instances with character names and etc. If you ever find yourself interested, check out the KHwiki and i’m sure you’ll notice even more than me. Disney being involved already makes it suspect in my book x)

    Some more K.H.’s as well include Katie Holmes (i’m sure there’s gotta be something in her film career); Kamal Haasan (who not only is close tothe name Kamala but is also a Scorpio); Kate Hudson, the daughter of “Gold”ie Hawn (maybe that’s a stretch I don’t know); Katherine Heigl (born in DC); Kit Harrington (best known for Game of Thrones, a show riddled with transitions of power); and so on… who knows if any of them relate but what you’ve been saying has definitely got me thinking lately. Of all the ones I just mentioned Kamal Haasan has probably the easiest connections to point out and some very interesting stuff on his wiki page.

    I’m sure i’m forgetting some stuff but yeah, I would love to hear your thoughts on any of this!

    • Rambo on September 2, 2021 at 7:44 pm

      That Kingdom Hearts looks very significant. The criss-crossed X blade is no coincidence. I actually did come across Kingdom Hearts as I was researching my post. Also think of “Hearsts” and Kevin HART. That is a Venus (goddess of love) connection. Venus is Isis. I will definitely look into the Kingdom Hearts video game.
      Kit Harington looks like a big K.H. With the Game of Thrones connection that brings in the whole royalty and crown theme that we are seeing e.g. Kamala Harris wearing purple the color of royalty, at the inauguration, and Regulus the royal star determining events.

      I did think about Katy Holmes. Not only are her initials K.H. 11th letter, 8th letter but “Katie Holmes” sums to 118.

      The fact that they do the same rituals over and over means that they are following a strict set of esoteric rules; they are not free to do what ever they want. You could call them the rules of the Matrix. Isis as a terror group is a different ritual. That is “destruction of the sacred feminine.” They are destroying Isis who is Venus who is the heart who represents conscience and care. Burning down the Notre Dame (Our Lady) Cathedral is another example of destruction of the sacred feminine.

      The X Galactic/St.Andrew’s Cross is key to a lot. I will expand on it more.

  4. truthnlies on September 3, 2021 at 2:51 am

    Hi Rambo, the following attempt at a decode partly relates back to the ’69’ Royal Arch keystone glyph that you highlighted in earlier decodes. I’m wondering if there will be a Biden hostage crisis in Kabul on 6 September that ‘dwarfs’ the Carter Iran hostage crisis from 1979 – 1981. The photo of the seemingly giant Bidens with the dwarf-like Carters earlier this year might be pointing to this.

    August 4 2021: The Afghan army starts to fall apart.

    11 days later (the master number) August 15 2021: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani flees Kabul and the Taliban establish control exactly 487 years (93rd prime) after the founding of The Society of Jesus on 15 August 1534. Joe Biden blames the unexpected speed of the Taliban takeover on the Afghan army disintegrating in only 11 days.

    11 days later (now day 22, the master builder) 26 August 2021: ISIS-K (= 9+19+9+19-K = 56-K = 11-11) murders ’13 American service members and at least 169 (13×13) Afghan civilians’, reported by USA Today 11:13pm ET Aug 27.

    11 days later (now day 33, the highest degree in freemasonry) 6 September 2021: ???

    6 September is expressed 9/6, like 96 in the USA and 6/9, like 69 in Europe.
    So I’m looking for 69 and/or 96. (like Jimmy Carter is currently 96 years old).

    ‘Number 96″ = Elizabeth

    Queen Elizabeth I died aged 69. She was born 487 years (93rd prime) ago on 7 September 1533. 6 September will be the very last day of that 487th year.

    Queen Elizabeth II was born 21 April 1926. 6 September is the 138th day (span of 139 days) of the Queen’s 96th year, leaving 227 days until her next birthday. There are also 139 days between the dates of birth of Queens Elizabeth I and II (21 April vs 7 September). In addition, there are also 138 days between the dates of coronation for Queens Elizabeth I and II (15 January vs 2 June).
    Queen Elizabeth II was coronated on 2/6/1953. 6 September is the 96th day of the 69th year since the Queen’s coronation, leaving 269 days (57th prime) until the next anniversary.

    In regards to the 93rd prime, 93 is the country code when phoning Afghanistan.
    The 57th prime may relate to ‘Kabul Afghanistan’ being 57 in full reduction (and 96 rev full redn). Also, the Iran hostage crisis commenced 57 days from year end on 4 November 1979.

    Kabul = 47 (4+7=11) simple, 11 full redn
    Kabul is located at longitude 69.160652 degrees.

    The ’69’ glyph appears in the middle of the keystone on Freemasons ‘The Royal Arch.’

    Princess Diana and the collapse of Champlain Towers:

    Princess Diana died on 31 August 1997. It will be 24 years and 6 days, like 246, from Princess Diana’s death until 6 September. Champlain Towers South collapsed on 24 June, like 246. The collapse occurred on the 304th anniversary of the founding of the Freemason’s Grand Lodge on 24 June 1717. Princess Diana’s statue was unveiled 304 days after the 23rd anniversary of her passing. 31/8/1997 has date numerology of 155 (31+8+19+97) which equals ‘Freemasons’ in rev ord.

    Princess Diana’s statue unveiling on 1 July until 6 September is 67 days (19th prime). Blood sacrifice = 67 full redn.
    Champlain Towers South collapse on 24 June until 6 September is 74 days or 2 months 13 days, like 213. Reverse to 312 = Jupiter Optimus Maximus (also ’96’ in full redn)?

    6 September 2021 has date numerology of 56 (6+9+20+21) = 56 = Society of Jesus (full redn).

    6 September 2021 is “Jewish New Year’ = 69 (rev full redn).

    … to be continued

    • truthnlies on September 3, 2021 at 7:59 am

      6 September 2021 is exactly 24 years since Princess Diana’s funeral that was held on 6 September 1997. Queen Elizabeth I died on the 24th day of March. 24 March until 6 September is 166 days, leaving 199 (46th prime) days until the anniversary. The 46th President of the USA, Joe Biden, will be in office on 6 September 2021.

      The number 246 that links Princess Diana’s death, the Champlain Towers South collapse and 6 September can be rearranged to 264 and connected to the 9/11 attacks. The words ‘Kite Hit Steel Plane Must’ = 264 were recited to President GW Bush by young students as the 9/11 attacks were underway. The teacher also referred the students to lesson 60, page 153 for a reading from ‘The Pet Goat’ = 153 rev ord. The freemasons famously ‘ride the goat’ and 2021 has been the year of the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time).

      At 10:53am (like 153 the 17th triangular) on 29 May 2021, a plane departed from Smyrna Airport and crashed into Percy Priest Lake, killing all 7 (17 = 7th prime, 177 = ‘The Jesuit Order’) aboard including Gwen Lara Shamblin and Joe Lara. 29th May is the 149th day of the year, leaving 216 days (ie 6x6x6, like 666). 10:53am (like 153) leaves 13:07 (like 137, the 33rd prime, with 6 September being the 33rd day of the ritual) hours in the day. From 29 May until 6 September is 100 days. Jimmy Carter is famous for isolating in the White House for at least 100 days during the Iran Hostage Crisis. ‘Ad maiorem de gloriam’ (for the greater glory of God) = 100 in full redn.

      ‘The Jesuit Order’ = 177/69/201. ‘James Earl Carter Jr’ = 177/69 and is currently aged 96.

      ‘Gwen Lara Shamblin’ = 69 full redn, 93 rev full redn. Gwen died at age 66 (‘September sixth’ = 66 full redn). From her birthday 18 February until 6 September is 200 days, or a span of 201 days (‘The Jesuit Order = 201 rev ord). Gwen was famous for founding the ‘Remnant Fellowship Church’ = 271 eng ord (58th prime). Her partner Joe Lara died aged 58 in the plane crash.

      ‘Joe Lara’ = 62/26/127/46 62/26 = “Queen” and 127 reminds of buildings 1, 2 and 7 that fell on 9/11. 46 reminds of the 46th President Joe Biden. There are 26 days from 6 September until Joe’s birthday on 2 October.

      ‘One Five Three’ = 69 full redn, 57 rev full redn.

      Queen Elizabeth II’s reign commenced on 6 February 1952 for 69 completed years. The Queen will be exactly 7 months into the current year on 6 September, with 153 days remaining until the anniversary.
      Queen Elizabeth I reigned from 17 November 1558 until her death on 24 March 1603, for 44 years, 4 months and 7 days, similar to the 444 day Iran Hostage Crisis.

      ‘Hostage’ = 33 rev full redn.

      ‘Hostage crisis’ = 62 full redn (like eng ord 62 ‘Queen’ and ‘Joe Lara’); and 199 rev ord (46th prime).

      ‘Kabul Hostage Crisis’ = 199 eng ord (46th prime).

      • Rambo on September 3, 2021 at 3:36 pm

        That was tremendous hard work. A lot of information. 69 is the glyph for the sign of Cancer at the top of the Royal Arch which is the Summer Solstice. Diana was a Cancer, so that ties into your connections. Diana actually had a fragrance/perfume with her face on it called ISIS. This could tie in to your decode.

        • truthnlies on September 4, 2021 at 2:59 am

          Strangely enough, Elton John (= 113/41 (13th prime)/130) who is possibly Mr 13, just released ‘Cold Heart’ (= 41 full redn, 13th prime) on 13 August. The song is a mash-up of ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Rocket Man’ and contains the lyric ‘when the scent of her lingers.’ The video for the song is full of esoteric and planetary symbolism. Elton reportedly had a love/hate relationship with Princess Diana.

          Elton famously performed ‘Candle in the Wind ’97’ (= 96 rev full redn) at Princess Diana’s funeral on 6 September 1997 and released it as a single on 13 September 1997. The song is a reworked version of ‘Candle in the Wind’ with the following major inclusion;

          ‘Goodbye England’s rose, may you ever grow in our hearts’ = 225 in full redn and rev full redn.

          ‘Cold Heart’ was released on 13 August (like 138, see above re: Queens Elizabeth I and II), the 225th day of the year, leaving 24 days until the 24th anniversary of Princess Diana’s funeral on 6 September 2021. This also leaves 24 days remaining in September. 24 = 2+4 = 6. Therefore 24,24,24 is also 666. Similarly 24 years 6 days since Princess Diana’s 31 August 1997 death can be expressed 66. ‘September sixth’ and ‘Number of the beast’ = 66 full redn.

          Elton’s album ‘The Lockdown Sessions’ (= 264 rev ord) will be released on 22 October. This will be 70 days after the release of ‘Cold Heart,’ leaving 70 days until the end of the year (70 days = 10 weeks, with the 10th prime being 29 (or 119, like 9/11)). A further 70 days later is 11 March 2022, or 11/3, the second anniversary of the announcement of the coronavirus pandemic (= 113 rev full redn). This is relevant given the name of the album. Also, ‘Elton John’ = 113 eng ord, like 13.

          225 above can also be expressed as 22 May. There are 153 days from 22 May until the release of ‘The Lockdown Sessions’ on 22 October. This number is referenced several times in previous comments in relation to 6 September.
          There are 200 days from 6 September until Elton John’s next birthday on 25 March (like 253, 22nd triangular). As mentioned earlier, there are 200 days from Gwen Lara Shamblin’s 66th birthday on 18 February until 6 September.

          • truthnlies on September 6, 2021 at 4:11 am

            September Sixth = 183/66/195

            183/66: Willard Scott was born on the 66th day of the year and died on the 183rd day of the year. Scott created and first played the role of ‘Ronald McDonald’ in 1963, 58 years ago. Ronald McDonald is 58 in full redn and is effectively dead at age 58. Princess Diana is connected to McDonald’s through her secret visits with Princes William and Harry.

            195: Princess Diana lived for 13,210 days. On 14 July 2021, the 195th day of the year, Princess Diana had been dead for 8,718 days or 66% (65.995%) of her total days alive. From 14 July to 6 September is 54 days. ‘Sixty ninth’ equals 54 in full redn and rev full redn.

            195 eng ord = seven seven seven (like 21). Both Elvis Presley (‘The King of Rock n Roll’ = 96 full redn) and Aretha Franklin (‘The Queen of Soul’ = 183/66/195, same as ‘September sixth’) died on 16 August. This leaves 21 days or 7+7+7 until 6 September. Boeing 777’s were repeatedly in the news around 16 August during the evacuations from Kabul and may still be at high risk of being attacked. As at July 2021, Boeing had delivered 1,667 777’s, leaving the unfortunate number of 1,666 if anything were to happen to 1 plane.

  5. AnthonyCDavison on October 2, 2021 at 4:01 am

    Outlaw X just re-shared this post and I spotted a couple of things I hadn’t noticed before – apologies if you’ve documented them elsewhere:

    First Female President=118

    First Female POTUS=227
    227 the 49th prime
    Kamala Harris=49

    • Rambo on October 2, 2021 at 8:24 am

      I did a Kamala Harris decode a while ago so it is ok to repeat some stuff as reminders. I did the “first female President” one but not the 227s. Great inclusions.
      I am only recently on the “cycle” theme which is heavy as we reach the end of what the Mayans call “The Great Year” when Earth’s axis has completed the 26,000+ year journey pointing at all signs of the zodiac. This will be Dec. 21st, 2021. Hence the Phoenix symbolism.

      • AnthonyCDavison on October 2, 2021 at 11:36 am

        22/7 = Pi
        Pi cycles/circles..
        I just noticed “Cycle”=741 in English Extended, an exact match for Saturn
        Possibly relevant due to the next Age being Aquarius

        • Rambo on October 2, 2021 at 5:56 pm

          This connection (Saturn and cycle) is relevant to the “THE WORLD” card in tarot. It is the last card of the major arcana and the end of “the Fool’s journey.” The end of a cycle. The World card represents Saturn. It has a wreath which is the rings around Saturn and a cycle symbol. It also has the signs of St. A’s Cross.

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