The Killing of George Floyd & Minnesota Sports | Twins, Vikings & Los Angeles Lakers

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Super Bowl 55 will be a race ritual, same as Super Bowl 50.  We’ll have to keep an eye on the Minnesota Vikings, in Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed, May 25, 2020.  Keep in mind he was killed 173-days after Alpha Phi Alphia’s establishment date, and Super Bowl 55 will fall on Kirk Cousins’ 173rd day of of his age, 32.  *NFL = 32 *America = 32

The Super Bowl is on the 38th day of the year.

George Perry Floyd was killed on 38th street, in Minnesota.

Minnesota Vikings sums to 201, the same as George Perry Floyd.

From his killing to the Super Bowl is 37-weeks.  *Vikings = 37

We know how they like to link up basketball, baseball and football.

The Lakers are from Minneapolis, and this is the year of Super Bowl 55. George and Kobe both have daughters named Giana too…

LeBron, King James, is 35 right now.

The baseball season proposed begins July 4, and ends September 27, 85-days later.

Read more about MLB’s return here:

Keep in mind, Floyd was killed in the time of Gemini, the twins.

It is the 74th NBA season.  7/4?

Read more about the NBA’s return on July 31 here:

Read more about the NBA and 85 here:

Again, the Lakers are from Minneapolis.

And the Twins were once the Washington Senators, where this last MLB season, the Washington Nationals won the 115th World Series.  The upcoming finale is the 116th, and the Boule turned 116 on May 15, 2020. Also, the Chiefs, who just won the Super Bowl, beat the Vikings in Super Bowl IV, or Super Bowl 4. *The Boule is HQ’d in Atlanta, and originally from Philadelphia… the Georgia story of Ahmaud Arbery came before Floyd, and the video of his killing was released May 5, 2020. *Video = 55

Read about 55, the Boule (Sigma Pi Phi), and George Floyd:

Keep in mind the MLB season will end on September 27, the Jesuits establishment date in 1540, and the NBA will begin on July 31, the date Ignatius of Loyola died.

Do you see what I see?

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