The Nuclear Cooper Pair & Cooper Kupp’s Super Bowl 56 MVP just before Russia-Ukraine nuclear scare began (& Cooper Nuclear Station)

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The Nuclear Cooper Pair?

Think of Cooper Douglas Kupp winning Super Bowl 56 MVP on his 244th day of his age.
Cooper Douglas Kupp = 244
Plutonium, Atomic Weight of 244

Cooper Kupp is from Yakima, Washington, near the Hanford Site, where nuclear energy development first began…
Yakima = 102
Chernobyl = 102
Art of War = 102
-Super Bowl 56 concluded the 102nd NFL season

Since Super Bowl 56, its been all Russia-Ukraine, and “nuclear threats.”

On the 56th day of the year the headlines emerged that Russia had taken Chernobyl scientists hostage…

For one more thought, there is a Cooper Nuclear Station along the Missouri River, and the Rams used to be in Missouri…
Cooper Nuclear Station = 244

Keep in mind it was 56-years from Hiroshima to 9/11, ’45 to ’01.

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