The Portland smoke out of September 11, 2020 and the blackouts of Portland and Houston on February 14, 2021

Black Lives Matter Military Natural Disaster Weather

Recall, we had Portland, Oregon and September 11, 2020 circled weeks in advance, and on the date it made the international news for “WORST AIR QUALITY IN THE WORLD” due to the “wildfires” burning around the city. Again, that was the 106th day of the Black Lives Matter / George Floyd protests.

Black Lives Matter = 106
I can’t breathe = 106
Black = 106

Keep in mind the George Floyd pretrial began for his murder on that same date, September 11, 2020. And also, don’t forget he was from Houston, Texas, because as we know, Portland and Houston just got the worst of the Valentine’s Day power outages, which we also called before they happened.

Anyhow, from September 11, 2020 to the Valentine’s Day power outages was 156 days later, and 911 is the 156th prime number.

Read more about Portland and Houston connections here.

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