The series with the Red Sox & Braves in light of Tim Wakefield’s October 1, 2023 death

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They played on 5/7 and 5/8 (58 had 57 date numerology & Tim Wakefield died at age 57)
May 8, 2024 is 5/8/2024 is 5+8+20+24=57

The Braves got swept in LA by the Dodgers, then they swept the two games series vs. the Boston Red Sox, on the most perfect dates, in light of what we have been talking about regarding Tim Wakefield’s suspicious death at age 57.

The scoring was 9-2 (and the second game was the 92nd game between the Braves and the Red Sox all-time
The Braves lost the World Series in ’92 to Toronto (Drake turned 6 that year when Toronto won)

Braves improved to 43-49 vs. the Red Sox (92nd game) (outscoring Boston 9-2 for series)

Braves stayed on 29 losses (Boston outscored 2-9) in the all-time series between teams.

The Braves got their 18th home win. Celtics are trying to win their 18th championship *Baseball=18

Tim Wakefield joined the MLB in ’92. That year the Braves lost to Toronto.

He made his debut on Ignatius of Loyola’s death anniversary

These games were played in Cumberland, Georgia (Atlanta), 167 days before the World Series.
Wakefield=167 (167, 39th prime) *Cumberland=39

Once upon a time there was a team called the Boston Braves in Major League Baseball. Notice, in the last game between Atlanta and Boston for the regular season, the Braves got their 22nd win.
Braves=22 *Boston=22

Recall, that Tim Wakefield, of the Boston Red Sox, died at age 57, 57 weeks before Game 7 of the upcoming World Series, October 1, 2023 (Game 7 is November 2, 2024). *World Series=57

We just watched Boston and Atlanta play on May 7, 2024, emphasis on 5/7, in Game 1, and May 8, in Game 2, the one where Atlanta got their 22nd win. And in this case, May 8 can be written 8/5, like 85, a big number in Boston and their sports history.
Boston=85 & 22
Red Sox=85
Baskeball=85 & 22
-Boston is 17-5 in NBA Finals *Basketball=185 *Mathematics=185 *Catholicism=185

*The Red Sox are 8-4 all-time in the World Series right now.

Keep in mind Atlanta is on I-85, and it burned down after Matt Ryan, who went to Boston College, gave up the 25 point lead on 2/5 (like 25) to Brady, who became 5-2 in Super Bowls on the date that can also be written 5/2 (like 52). *Pope=25 & 52 *Falcons=25 (the Pope blessed that game)

Furthermore, May 8, 2024, had 57 date numerology. *5/8/2024=5+8+20+24=57

And that brings us back to opening day, when -13.5 point underdog Atlanta Hawks upset Boston, keeping them on 57 total wins for the year *NBA Finals=57. *World Series=57

This game was a big payday because 57 was written all over it.

The Atlanta Hawks won the two prior with 120 (this is the year of the 120th World Series).
Atlanta=120 *Fenway Park=120

The Red Sox became 7-8 @ home, beating the Giants in the MLB, and the Giants had a starting pitcher tossing 78 days after his birthday (Erik Miller), the same day the Celtics advanced in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, May 1, 2024. Keep in mind this is the 78th NBA season, and the Celtics turn 78 on June 6, 2024, the first day of the NBA Finals. *Boston Celtics=78

The Red Sox got their 18th win in this game, winning 2-6 *Celtics=26
Celtics are going for their 18th championship.

As for the 92 part… Giants=92

Erik Christopher Miller=251 (54th prime) *Jesuit Order=54 *Sun=54

Notice his high school, in Missouri, where Tatum is from, and where the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

Of course, it was Jesuit (De Smet Jesuit High School, Creve Couer, Missouri)

See past work on the ongoing Tim Wakefield death rituals here (RIP).

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