The Undefeated calls attention to the racist ritual in the NFL, Week 2, September 20, 2020

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Read more about The Undefeated and how it has helped exposed the racism and rigging of the NFL:

Last night on Patreon I discussed how it was no accident that there were 10 Black starting QBs in the NFL, and 8 of them were playing each other on September 20, the day leaving 102 days in the year. Now The Undefeated, who called last season “The Year of the Black QB”, and this season, the “Era of the Black QB”, is bringing attention to this.

‘Week Two’ also fits in with the ‘slavery’ thing.

And as we documented, last week Black QBs were 6-2 vs White QBs on the 62 date numerology, in a season that we said would have a lot to do with George Floyd’s scripted killing for TV audiences.

9/13/2020 = 9+13+20+20 = 62

Haskins vs. Murray

Mahomes vs. Taylor

Jackson vs. Watson

Newton vs. Wilson

From Week 1, these were the games where Black QBs went 6-2 vs White QBs.

Tyrod Taylor over Joe Burrow.

Kyler Murray, rookie of the year, defeated the NFC Champs.

Lamar Jackson, the league MVP, wasted Browns.

Derek Carr defeated Teddy Bridgewater, the only black QB to lose today.

Haskins beat Wentz.

Russell Wilson beat Matt Ryan.

Cam Newton beat Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Jared Goff beat Dak Prescott.

*The only Black QB who played in the day time that lost, played for the Carolina “Black Panthers”. Now in Week 2, Tom Brady plays the Carolina Black Panthers, after losing in Week 1, while the former “Black Panther QB”, Cam Newton won, playing in New England, picking up his 43rd home win of all-time, over the Dolphins, at the same time 43 year old Tom Brady lost in Florida.

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