The use of Gary Lamb in relation to Tim Pool and Donald Trump | What a psychological operation looks like

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This is from a video first uploaded September 22, 2020. Notice it was the day leaving 100 days in the year, and how that relates to ‘Tim Pool’ and ‘African-American’. *Don’t forget how ‘The Undefeated’ and ‘ESPN’ called the 100th NFL season the year of the black quarterback before it even began, and became exactly that.

Notice how Tim Pool connects to 100 as well.

Adding insult to injury, the ritual came 100 days after Donald Trump’s birthday.

Keep in mind September 22 was the 266th day of the leap year.

The name of the video was ‘Message to Tim Pool’.

The story came 197 days after Tim Pool’s birthday, and 197 is the 45th prime, and Donald Trump is #45.

Again, Donald Trump, #45.

Gary Lamb, is being used for a White House campaign, and we know D.C. is run by the Jesuits.

Society of Jesus = 79

Black = 34

Government = 47 / 137 *Authority = 47 / 137

President = 47; White House = 47; Government = 47; Authority = 47; D.C. = 47; Republican = 47; Democrat= 47; Trump = 47; Joe Biden, the 47th VP, Obama took office at age 47, and the list goes on

Gary Lamb, a YouTuber, had a very successful video on September 22, 2020, addressed to Tim Pool, that has now been retweeted by Donald Trump, and is even part of a YouTube add for his campaign. His channel is growing rapidly, along with his views.

22/9 *229, the 50th prime *America = 50 *Donald = 50

September 22 leaves 100 days in the year. African-American = 100

These are his videos sorted by most popular. The one with 929K views is what has already been made into a YouTube ad for Trump.

Friday was June 5, 2016, a date with 47 numerology.

That date can be written 5/6.

Washington D.C. = 56; Society of Jesus = 56; Black Lives Matter = 56

And keep in mind, a lamb is a young sheep, and only sheep vote.

*President = 110

Notice Trump’s post time, 1:10.

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