Three Americans reportedly die at Sandals resort, Friday, May 6, 2022, 437-days after the founder dies at age 79

Corporate Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order News Psychological Operation

These deaths happened Friday, May 6, or 5/6, like 56. And notice, it is ‘three’ Americans on the Island of ‘Great Exuma.’

Of course this story is made to occupy the mind’s eye of the masses, and it is for that reason ‘Sandals’ resort was likely chosen.

Keep in mind Arsenic is abbreviated As or 1.19.

And don’t forget the Agatha Christie Novel, The ABC Murders.
The ABC Murders = 56 / 79
Society of Jesus = 56 / 79

From the death of the founder of the company at age 79, January 4, 2021, to the deaths of the three Americans, is 487-days later, and funny enough the Society of Jesus is 487-years-old right now.

The Jesuits turned 437-years-old on August 15, 2021.


  1. TruthUK on May 10, 2022 at 1:16 am

    Typo there Zach…

    They turned 487 years of age on 15/8/2021

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