Tom Brady taking leave of absence from Tampa Bay Buccaneers to ‘deal with personal things,’ August 11, 2022

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Deal with personal things = 119 (Their first game is on September 11… 9/11, PATRIOT Act, Patriots)

Take notice the absence began Thursday, August 11, 2022, the same day as the Bill Russell tribute in the NBA, and 8-days after Tom Brady’s August 3 birthday. Remember, he wants to make it to his 11th Super Bowl, and win his 8th championship.

And as for ‘Personal Things…’
Personal Things = 201
Brad, Mr. 201

Credit to jhw3d.


  1. Truther on August 13, 2022 at 8:57 am

    is there anything else you can connect other than 201’s? maybe it would help if you look a little bit deeper

  2. Jon_Douglas on August 17, 2022 at 6:44 am

    when Drew Bledsoe # 11 was hit by Mo Lewis # 57 the NY Jet. 11+57=( 68) clearing the way for Brady and the Patriot Act. (Lewis= 68)

    Bledsoe= *127, Ground Zero= *127
    Buildings *1,2,7 went down! So did Bledsoe! The New Pearl Harbor *12/7

    Mo Lewis= 33, New York= 33, False Flag= 33, like 33 years from 68-01.

    full name: Morris Clyde Lewis III= 110, 110 story buildings. Osama Bin Laden= 110, etc.

  3. Saythebyrde on August 19, 2022 at 11:27 am

    TOM BRADY returned on the 43rd day of his retirement
    BOWLES Born on 11/18 the 322nd day of the year. 43 days remaining until end of year

    From the opener on 9/11 to Todd Bowles 59th birthday is 68 days
    Season opener will be his 68th game as a head coach
    In his playing career, TODD BOWLES Started in 68 NFL GAMES
    Championship =68
    Brady 6th Super Bowl MVP and 8th RING
    Similar to Steph Curry’s 6th finals appearance in 8 years
    Similar to Jordan’s 6 championships in 8 years
    From Tom Brady’s signing of the buccaneers to his retirement is 680 days
    The Brady bunch ended on 3/8
    Michael Jordan wore the number 23+45=68

    Vincent Jackson was sacrificed. He wore the number 83 and scored 57 touchdowns for his career.

    – [x] From the date Tom Brady retired 1/29/22 to the day of the Super-bowl is 380 days

    – [x] Russel Wilson traded to the 38th state Denver broncos on 3/8 38 weeks before his birthday
    – [x] Russel Wilson helped the Seahawks win in their 38th season vs the 38th state Colorado

    – [x] Colorado =38
    – [x] Tom Brady won his most recent Super-bowl on the 38th day of the year
    – [x] Russel =38

    – [x] 8/12 or 8/3 date numerology. Former Seahawk gets DUI who played in SB48 w/ Brady vs Wilson.

    – [x] From Wilson’s 33rd birthday 11/29 to the broncos trade 3/8 is 3 months and 8 days
    – [x] From the death of Thomas on 12/9 to the LYNCH DUI on 8/12 is 8 months and 3 days

    – [x] From Brady’s retirement on 1/29/22 to the broncos trade 3/8/22 is 38 days
    – [x] TODD BOWLES =38

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