Tom Hanks in News of the World, a propaganda piece for the times, focused on the U.S. Civil War (December 25, 2020)

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Notice this movie, ‘News of the World’, released on Christmas, “Jesus’ birthday.”
News of the World = 187 / 191
Society of Jesus = 187 / 191

With regards to the 187, the movie begins in 1870.

Recall, 1870 was the year of this Rockefeller logo, showing the ‘Society of Jesus’ in Latin.
Rockefeller = 187
Society of Jesus = 187

It is about a former civil war soldier, who is now a news man, who must protect a little girl from post Civil War America, including sex traffickers (which is funny since Q’Anon accused Tom Hanks of being a pedophile.)

Anyhow, there are three scenes in the film where Tom Hanks is doing his “news man” routine.

In one, he is talking about 97 deaths from an illness.
Civil War = 97
Death = 97

In another, he is talking about the 11 men who survived a coal mine fire.

And in another, in what is the closing scene, he is talking about a specific 47 year old man, who was buried for three days, before rising. And no, it wasn’t the story of Jesus.
News = 47
Authority = 47
Government = 47
Christian = 47

Overall, the film shows how a news man has the power to persuade the minds of the masses… even making a bunch of post civil war southerners long for stories of people in the north.


  1. AnthonyCDavison on September 5, 2021 at 3:36 pm

    This film released just over 113 months after the News of the World newspaper published for the last time following the phone-hacking controversy in 2011.
    It was owned by Australian-born, Knight of Malta, Rupert Murdoch whose birthday is 11th March (11/3)
    It ceased operations on 10th July 2011 – the 191st day of the year (see #4 on this list of Jesuit-controlled news outlets)

  2. David G. Olsen on September 5, 2021 at 7:46 pm

    The British tabloid “News of the World” was established 10-1-1843 and ceased publication 7-10-2011. News of the World= 191. July 10 is the 191st day of the year. 191 is the 43rd prime and the paper was established in ’43.

  3. Asif Zaman on September 8, 2021 at 11:50 pm

    I started watching the film. You can watch for free at or however you please.
    In the first few minutes, the epidemic named is meningitis. Meningitis (full reduction): 56, just like Society of Jesus, just like coronavirus. It also has an English ordinal of 119, and a reverse reduction of 61. 119, a reference to 9/11. Vatican (reverse ordinal): 119. There are 61 circles in the flower of life.

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