Trump to withdraw U.S. from ‘Open Skies’ Treaty while China proposes hugely controversial national security law, May 21, 2020

Government Military New World Order News

United States = 113

The U.S. was named Sep. 9, 1776, the day leaving 113-days left in the year

41, 13th prime

13 colonies, 13 stripes, 13-years, K through 12

Washington = 49 / 130

Arms Treaty = 41 / 130

This treaty is being abandoned on May 21, or 5+21 = 26.

While Trump is making controversial decisions, so is China, the “26” nation.

In light of these big stories coming on May 21, once again tying China and the United States together, it should be noted that today is the 142nd day of 2020, and coronavirus is the big distraction.

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