US airman sets himself on fire and dies outside of Israeli embassy in Washington DC protesting Gaza genocide, February 25, 2024

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Aaron Bushnell, 25, set himself on fire on the 25th of February, as a protest against the genocide in Gaza (Palestine). No doubt, a noble protest. The odd thing is, it happened on the 142nd day of the war, which began October 7, 2023.

And as for a 25-year-old doing this on the 25th, he also did it 70 days after Pope Francis birthday.

Keep in mind the burning bush is in Exodus 3:2-5, and 325 is the 25th triangular number.

Keep in mind Aaron is the brother of Moses…

And in light of the Pope thing, keep in mind this took place on the 56th day of the year.

And you know the other 56s…

It goes with him being from San Antonio, Texas.

And for one more familiar pattern…


  1. GregRamsey74 on February 26, 2024 at 5:40 pm

    “Burning Man” = 113(George H. W. Bush died on 11/30, like 113)
    This happened 87-days after the death anniversary of Bush Sr. “Number of the Beast” = 87
    This also happened 12-weeks and 3-days after Bush Sr.’s death anniversary.
    “Bushnell” = 123; “Fireman” = 123;”Conspiracy” = 123
    This came a span of 1914-days from George H. W. Bush’s death, corresponding to WWI beginning in 1914.
    This came 202-days before the 25th anniversary of the release of Queensryche’s album Q2K on September 14, featuring a song called, ‘Burning Man.’ “Skull and Bones” = 202. *”Fire” = 25;”Seven” = 25(this was Queensryche’s seventh studio album)
    The first appearance of the Human Torch in comics was ‘Marvel Comics’ #1 in 1939.
    “Marvel Comics” = 52/74;”Aaron Bushnell” = 52/74
    The next Fantastic Four movie, which the Human Torch is a member, is set to release on the 25th of July, 2025, when it is good and HOT.
    The Miami Heat and the Calgary Flames were both stuck on 25-losses when this happened.
    “He’s on Fire!” = 54/54/144;”Jesuit Order” = 54/144(remember that term when a player made a lot shots)
    This also happened 144-days before the date in history when Rome burned. “Jesuit Order” = 144

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