US billionaires have gained over $1.1 trillion in wealth in the time of the pandemic and Elon Musk is up $155 billion, January 26, 2021 news

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The mockery continues! This is what happens when mom and pop get shut down and all their lost revenues flow to the top.

And notice this story comes January 26, or 1/26, like 126, a favorite number of the Jesuit Order who owns these puppets.

Get that, Elon Musk is up $155 billion in the time of the pandemic…

And notice the new stats, “46” billionaires were made. Just a couple weeks ago, it was “56.” Read about that here. As for 46, they’re coding the same information. *Society of Jesus = 56 *Catholic = 46 *Virus = 46

Also interesting is how many of these billionaire types operate out of Seattle, Washington, in light of today’s news comes on a 68 date numerology.

1/26/2021 = 1+26+20+21 = 68 *Catholicism = 68 *Mathematics = 68

And notice how ‘billionaires’ equates with ‘Seattle’.

And last, notice they measured from March 18, 2020, the 78th day of the leap year, reminding of Elon Musk becoming the richest man in the world on the 78 year anniversary of the death of Nikola Tesla, where ‘Tesla’ equates to 78, the same as ‘Jesuit’.

And for a double last, here’s another headline today, about Musk and the market. Can you smell the stink?

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