Virginia McLaurin died the same day as the Virginia Cavaliers killing news, Monday, Nov. 14, 2022

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Notice, she died Monday, November 14, the day leaving 47 days in the year, reminding that Obama took office as President at age 47, with the 47th VP, Joe Biden. Keep in mind, her death was on the same day it was announced that three Virginia Cavaliers had been killed, and that was on King Charles III’s 74th birthday, where Cavaliers are those who fought for King Charles of the past, in the English Civil War.

And then the whole 113 thing…
Scottish = 113
-47 degrees on compass for the Scottish Rite of France
-France = 47
-DC = 47
-Government = 47
-Authority = 47
-Republican = 47
-Democrat = 47
-President = 47
-White House = 47

–Terry McLaurin of the Washington Commanders had his career game this day as well
–Washington became 4-7 vs. Eagles on Monday
–Washington stayed on 47 losses all-time in Week 10

She died on Obama’s 103rd day of his age…
Scottish = 103
Obama = 103

You could also say she died 102 days after Obama’s birthday.
Slavery = 102 (Civil War began on 102nd day of 1861)
Nigger = 102
-She died on the 14th
-Slave = 14
-Obama = 14
-Dead = 14

‘Obama’ also ties in.

She died 118 days before her upcoming birthday.
Death = 118
Homicide = 118

She also died 43 weeks after Michelle’s birthday (the 14th prime).
RIP = 43

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