War and Easter (Ishtar), Revolutionary War to American Civil War to World War II

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Notice, Ishtar (Easter) is a Goddess of War.

Easter fell on April 16 in the year 1775, three days before the Revolutionary War began.

Notice the 75 connection…

Again, it was the ‘Revolutionary’ War.

And as we know, all roads lead to Rome.

It goes along with the American Civil War beginning April 12, 1861. In that year, the war came 12 days after Easter, which fell on March 31, 1861.
4/12/1861 = 4+1+2+1+8+6+1 = 23
Ishtar is from 2300 BCE
Easter = 23

The Revolutionary War began on 109th day of the year.
Inanna = 109
Military = 109

And it goes with Lincoln, blamed for the Civil War, dying the day before Easter in 1865. Keep in mind the news of his death was breaking on Easter…

It also goes along with one of the largest battles in World War II involving US troops, the Battle of Okinawa (Operation Iceberg), beginning on Easter, April 1, 1945.

FDR would die 11 days later…

Hitler would die 29 days later…

Also, notice CNN’s front page for Easter 2023. The work from home wars?

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