Young Dolph’s death & the Adolf Hitler joke +Soulja Boy, Lord Infamous, Blac Youngsta, Yo Gotti, NLE Choppa, Juicy J, Ja Morant

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Paper Route Illuminati = 102 (Reflection of 201)

Read the initial Young Dolph death decode here.

Again, this Instagram post from July 20, the 201st day of the year, is the clue to what really happened to Young Dolph in the reported November 17, 2021 shooting. Once again, his label is ‘Paper Route Empire’ and 201 is the number of the Order of Illuminati.

The Jesuit Order = 201
-Order of Illuminati established by Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt
-Adam Weishaupt died 201 days after the anniversary of its establishment

Keep in mind this tragedy came 201 days after Travis Scott’s birthday, which is also the Church of Satan’s birthday, and the anniversary of Adolf Hitler dying, April 30, 1945. Of course, Young Dolph was born ‘Adolph’.

The shooting of Young Dolph was at Makeda’s Homemade Cookies.

Keep in mind they tried to kill hitler on July 20, 1944, the 201st day of the year, and in ’44.

And remember, the Illuminati was created by the Society of Jesus, and Illuminati means in the light, similar to how Jesus is a metaphor for the sun, the light bearer. Also, let us not forget the Travis Scott tragedy happened on November 5, the date associated with the Society of Jesus, and the day leaving 56 days in the year.

*Rich Slave = 56 (Young Dolph’s album)

Adolf Hitler supposedly died at age 56.

Futhermore, Hitler was born on the 110th day of the year, April 20, and this shooting came 110 days after Paper Route Illuminati released (July 30, 2021).

He reportedly died on 11/17 (1117, 187th prime)
-11×17 is prime factorization of 187

Adding to the ritual, the first Dolph shooting was February 25, 2017, the 56th day of the year.

Charlotte = 102 (Reflection of 201)

From that incident to his death was 56 months and days.

There was also the news of September 27, 2017, where he was reportedly shot THREE times. Keep in mind September 27 is the day in history the Jesuits were recognized by Rome.

Light is made in Genesis 1:3, the story the ‘three’ Abrahamic religions are based in.

And this sheds light on why the THIRD shooting of Young Dolph was the last one.

We’ll now look at the Memphis hip hop scene in relation to his death.

Let us begin with Lord Infamous, of Three-6 Mafia, the famous Memphis hip-hop group.

666, 36th triangular number
-Church of Satan turned 666 months old on October 30, 2021

Notice, November 17, the date Dolph was killed, would have been his birthday, however, he died in history, on his 34th day of his age, similar to how Young Dolph, equating to 34, died on November 17, the day leaving 44 days in the year. Keep in mind his group had a song called “44 Killers.”

Notice his surname ‘Dunigan’ fits in as well, and so does ‘murder.’

Jesus = 34 (Many rappers killed in Jesus rituals)
Black = 34

Next up is Blac Youngsta, who Dolph had beef with. Recall, Blac Youngsta has already sacrificed two of his brothers, and is the man who released the albums Illuminati and 223.
Illuminati = 48 (Born 4/8)
223, 48th prime

Notice the November 17 reported killing came 223 days after Youngsta’s birthday.

223, 48th prime
11/17/2021 = 11+17+20+21 = 69

Next up in NLE Choppa, born Bryson Lashun Potts, equating to 93, 201 and 258, like ‘Order of Illuminati’.

11/17/2021 = 11+17+20+21 = 69
Illuminati = 69

He died on the 17th day of NLE Choppa’s age.
Kill = 17
Rap = 17

And then there is Yo Gotti, who also had some beef with Young Dolph.

Notice his name equates to 33, like the date numerology of the killing, but also 666, like the 3-6 Mafia connection.
11/17/2021 = 11+17+(2+0+2+1) = 33

*666 is the 36th triangular number

Yo Gotti’s birthday is the 139th day of the year, May 19
139, 34th prime
Young Dolph = 34
Rapper = 34

Notice his birthday is the same as Malcolm X’s, who had a story about his killers in the news prior to the Dolph shooting.

Key Glock also fits in, born on August 3 (Memphis = 83), meaning this shooting came on his 107th day of his age.

Key Glock = 127
Bavarian Illuminati = 127
-Key Glock = 37
-Shooting = 37

You could also say it was 106 days after his birthday.
Adolph = 106
Memphis = 106
Black = 106
*Black Lives Matter = 106

The 107 fits in with ‘ritual sacrifice’ as well, and so does the release date of his Paper Route Illuminati album, July 30, the day leaving 154 days in the year.

Saturnalia = 154 (Big day for the Jesuits)
-Travis Scott concert tragedy was synced with Saturnalia

Coming back to Three-6 Mafia, Juicy J was born April 5, the 95th day of the year, reminding that MLK was killed in Memphis, on the 95th day of 1968, a leap year (April 4, 1968). Of course the Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses, and were recognized by Rome on the day leaving 95 days in the year. Yesterday we covered how Dolph died 68 months after his first album, King of Memphis, released, reminding of MLK’s assassination in ’68.

Notice Juicy J is 46 right now, and has ‘Houston’ in his name.
Houston, Texas = 46
Astroworld = 46
Sacrifice = 46
*Rap = 46

He was the III, and this was the ‘third’ shooting of Dolph.
Jordan Houston = 174
Number of the Beast = 174
-Member of Three-6 Mafia
–Jordan Houston = 69 / 177
–The Jesuit Order = 69 / 177
–New World Order = 69 / 174 / 177

Also interesting, Juice Wrld who died by the numbers, was Dolph’s cousin.

And finally, a beef just started between Soulja Boy and Young Dolph days before the killing. Notice where he fits in.

Illuminati = 120
-Hitler born on 120th day of year (April 20, 1889)

From Soulja Boy’s birthday to the death was 112 days, reminding that the Jesuits operate in 112 countries.
Catholicism = 112
Mathematics = 112

Furthermore, his birth name, DeAndre Cortez Way, equates to 79 and 187, like Society of Jesus.
1117 (187th prime)

And for one more, the big basketball star, Ja Morant, celebrated his birthday 99 days before this death. It reminds that the Illuminati was established May 1, 1776, a date with 99 numerology.
5/1/1776 = 5+1+17+76 = 99
Thirteen = 99
-It was established with 13 families

Like Dave Chappelle said, if you’re black, you better be able to rap or dribble a basketball.

And for the record, he is a member of the 56 club too.

Dave Chappelle = 56 / 110
Adolf Hitler = 56 / 110

And notice how out of this Adolf Hitler centered joke, the Memphis police started acting like fascists, asking the city to ‘stay home’. The jokes never end…

For one more, Ryan Tannehill, he began on the DOLPHins, has the same birthday as Young Dolph. Now he plays on the Tennessee Titans, and he has the same birthday as Dolph. He is also 68 and 56 in the regular season at the time of this death, reminding us the ritual with the Memphis Tigers who are 3-0 at the time of the killing, and in their 68th season…

Again, Young Dolph died 68 months after the release of King of Memphis, his first album.


  1. picho on November 19, 2021 at 4:43 am

    today’s news….

    remember adolf hitler was born in austria.

    also today there was a lunar eclipse.

    this was with the moon in taurus.
    remember adolf hitler was born with 3 planets in taurus.

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