Young Pharaoh’s channel established on 201st day of 2015, July 20th

I am extremely suspicious of this channel because it gets away with murder when it comes to blaming most things on Jews, and also because it promotes racial superiority, claiming that black people are the only true human species, and other races are part human, but also insect and dog. If you want to know more, here is an example:

Is it a coincidence that Young Pharaoh, who is very divisive when it comes to race, established his YouTube channel July 20, 2015, the 201st day of the year? As we know, that is the number of the Jesuits, and the Jesuits boast about recruiting their members (and agents) from all corners.

Read about Neil Armstrong and the moon landing on the 201st day of the year:

Read about Heliocentrism and 201:

He is big on Egypt. Read about that here: and here:

In his latest video he is telling his followers to worship the sun, and not Jesus. As you likely know, I am not a Christian, but I think this is a very condescending thing to tell people to do, and it also feels very JESUIT. Let us not forget the Catholic Church turned the day of worship to SUNday.

Read about Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope (Society of Jesus), and 201: and here:

And in light of Young Pharaoh routinely pushing racial division, don’t forget how they coded 201 all over the George Floyd ritual. Here is one of many, many examples:


  1. MAP on December 3, 2020 at 8:38 pm

    He lost me at “Pharaoh” …

    When you know truth, it’s easy to spot a lie.

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