57 Moderna vaccines intentionally removed from fridge at Aurora Health in Grafton, Wisconsin

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What a joke.

*Bill Gates = 57

Recall, Moderna was the first vaccine approved for Phase 2 testing by the FDA, and that happened May 7th, or 5/7, like 57. https://gematriaeffect.news/moderna-shares-surge-may-7-2020-as-fda-approves-phase-2-trial-of-coronavirus-vaccine/

And notice, this happened at ‘Aurora Health’, equating to 56 and 70.

And let us not forget that Moderna equates to 70.

Read about Kamala Harris receiving the the Moderna vaccine 70 days after her 56th birthday: https://gematriaeffect.news/vice-president-elect-kamala-harris-gets-the-coronavirus-vaccine-december-29-2020-70-days-after-her-56th-birthday/

Read about Sanjay Gupta receiving the Pfizer vaccine 56 days after his birthday, on 70 date numerology: https://gematriaeffect.news/cnns-sanjay-gupta-gets-the-vaccine-on-live-tv-56-days-after-his-51st-birthday-december-18-2020/


This story is so fake they cant even get the town name right. It is Grafton, not Grifton.

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