Illuminati Confirmed | Golgotha Tenement Blues on The Crow soundtrack in light of Brandon Lee’s death

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Read about Brandon Lee’s very Jesuit / Illuminati death. If you didn’t get why I used the song Golgotha Tenement Blues (from The Crow soundtrack) for the Brandon & Bruce Lee death video, in connection with the Jesuit killings involving Alec Baldwin, Jon-Erick Hexum, Golgotha is where Jesus was crucified, I think now you do.…

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Alec Baldwin kills cast member with prop gun in Brandon Bruce Lee tribute, 201 days after his birthday, October 21, 2021

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This happened Thursday, October 21, 2021, 201 days after Alec Baldwin’s birthday.–The Jesuit Order = 201–Jesuit = 78–Rust = 78–Michael Groo Massee = 78 (Who killed Brandon Lee) Think of Bruce Lee’s last film, Game of Death, where he is shot and killed as part of the plot, similar to what happened to his son…

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#Gematria | Connecting the Travis Scott Astroworld tragedy to Pope Francis and Saturnalia

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First, watch this video about ‘Saturn‘ and the Astroworld tragedy of November 5, 2021.Video: With regards to Astroworld, think ‘astrology.’Astrology = 132Astrological = 132Catholic Church = 132United States of America = 132-From the day the Illuminati was established to the day the U.S. was named was a span of 132-May 1, 1776, to September…

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The Dove and the Crow in High Ritual: The Holy Spirit, Alec Baldwin, Halyna Hutchins, Ukraine and Pope Francis

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The archetypes based on the Sacred Feminine principle has been central to the human story since the inception of civilization. It is seen in several news stories at the current moment. The Sacred feminine is a metaphor for the principles of care, empathy, love and conscience anthropomorphized in the form of various goddesses, such as…

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Alec Baldwin’s accidental killing came during a gunfight in a church scene

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A church? The Jesuits? And notice this detail about it happening on the 12th day, of a 21 day shoot.Jesuit = 21Sunday = 21Bible = 21 Of course the shooting happened on the 21st of October. Recall, Brandon Lee was born on February 1, or 2/1. And Bruce Lee died in ’73 (73, 21st…

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CNN adds Vic Morrow’s July 23, 1982 death from the sight of ‘The Twilight Zone’ to the list of Alec Baldwin like incidents

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Get a load of this… The pattern began with Bruce Lee, who died on the 201st day of the year, July 20, 1973, while filming Game of Death. Then his son would die in the same way Bruce Lee’s character does in Game of Death, on the set of The Crow, 201 days from the…

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The death of John-Erik Hexum in accidental killing on the set of Cover Up, October 18, 1984

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As we have covered, Alec Baldwin’s birthday is April 3, and Brandon Lee was buried on April 3, 1993, after being killed on the set of The Crow in an accidental shooting, much like what happened to his father in the plot of the film Game of Death. Of course Bruce Lee died while filming…

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