Post Malone’s ‘Always Tired’ face tattoo & Bobby Crimo’s ‘Awake’ version, in light of the number 47 obsession

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Recall, on July 4, 2022, Post Malone’s 27th birthday, the rapper with ‘Awake’ tattooed on his face reportedly shot up Highland Park, Illinois. He also has a 47 tattooed on his head and drove a car with a 47 on the side of it, a lot like the fourth day of the seventh month. Read…

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Highland Park shooter Bobby Crimo has been indicted on 117 counts, July 27, 2022

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117 counts in the time of the 117th Congress with 117 being coded all over shooting rituals as new legislation is being cooked up for gun ownership by this same 117th Congress?Illinois = 117Central Intelligence Agency = 117 Todays is exactly 79-weeks after the 117th Congress took office.Society of Jesus = 79Murder = 79 /…

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Bobby Crimo thought about attacking Madison, Wisconsin on July 4, 2022 instead of Highland Park, Illinois

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Notice, they’re reporting today, July 6, 2022, that Robert Crimo III thought about a shooting in Wisconsin. Of course, the day of the shooting in Highland Park, there was a shooting in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where the Christmas Parade tragedy happened 225-days earlier span of 226).Skull and Bones = 76 / 41Today is 7/6Awake = 41…

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Media treats Bobby Crimo’s obsession with 47 as a “mystery” after July 4, 2022 shooting

Jesuit Jewish Related News Religion Secret Societies It’s the same media that encodes 47 on the daily that now treats this as a mystery.News = 47Authority = 47Government = 47 And the list goes on… And in the clip below, Inside Edition theories that 47 could mean the return of Donald Trump as #47. Chakras = 47 / 128Independence Day…

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Robert E. Crimo, a modern day Robert E. Lee after July 4, 2022 shooting?

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Read about the significance of this happening in the Land of Lincoln, on the U.S.’s birthday, and the shooter being named Robert E. Crimo, like Robert E. Lee. Once again, this shooting comes 166-days after Robert E. Lee’s birthday anniversary, which is also the 43rd Governor of Illinois’s birthday.Bobby Crimo = 166Secret Society = 166–Civil…

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At least 6 killed in July 4th parade shooting in Illinois, July 4, 2022 (Watch Robert E. Crimo aka Awake music videos)

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The country is 246-years-old today. 24 injured, 6 dead? It can also be written 6 dead, 24 injured, like 6/24, Freemasonry’s birthday.Jesuit = 624 (English Extended) The story is a sniper, from high up on the rooftops, in Highland Park, outside of Chicago, has killed 6 and injured 24 more. As we know, Highland Park…

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Philadelphia police reportedly shot at 9:47 PM on July 4, 2022, released from hospital July 5 (the Highland Park ritual)

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Recall the June 4, 2022 shooting ritual synced up with Philadelphia Mayor Kenney here. In that incident it was 64 days before the Mayor’s 64th birthday, and it happened on 6/4. Plus, in that shooting they said 3 dead, 11 injured (311, 64th prime). And in this case, they’re saying Highland Park is the 311th…

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