October 21 | Bannon in contempt & murderous Haitian gangster propaganda by the numbers

Catholic Church Jesuit New World Order News Terrorism

First Bannon, with the big news in D.C. coming on his 47th week of his age. DC = 47Trump = 47Government = 47Authority = 47Republican = 47Democrat = 47President = 47White House = 47 Never forget, the cornerstone for D.C. was laid September 18, 1793, a date with 47 numerology.Vatican = 47Francis = 47France =…

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There is no mystery to the assassination of Haiti’s president, it is the work of the Jesuit Order

Government Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order Politics

It’s an easy answer when you know #Gematria. Haiti’s president was born on the 177th day of the year, and he died on the day leaving 177 days in the year, July 7, 2021. This is similar to JFK being assassinated 177 days after his birthday, and Catherine the Great’s husband being killed on 17/7,…

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Four suspects killed & two held after Haiti’s President is assassinated, July 7, 2021, in clear Jesuit Order ritual

Catholic Church Government History Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order News Politics Psychological Operation

FOUR. The number associated with death. This assassination took place on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, the day leaving 177 days in the year.The Jesuit Order = 177, New World Order = 177 Jovenel Moïse = 135 / 54Bavaria = 135 / 54 He died on the 188th day of the year. Bavarian Illuminati = 188…

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