The Boule’s Martin Luther King Jr. ritual in Philadelphia over Atlanta, June 18, 2021, on 68th anniversary of MLK’s wedding

Catholic Church Entertainment History Jesuit Sports

Game 6 of the NBA Finals was on the 68 year anniversary of MLK’s wedding, June 18, 1953, and MLK is from Atlanta, where the game was, Philadelphia @ Atlanta (Philadelphia, home of Boule, now HQ’d in Atlanta).–Basketball = 68–Mathematics = 68–Catholicism = 68–MLK assassinated in ’68 (Atlanta lost the game)-Atlanta Hawks debuted MLK jersey…

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The Boule & premature deaths of Martin Luther King Jr., his brother, his nephew, and his mother & father

Boule History Jesuit Military Murder by Numbers Racism

Let’s explore a theme that relates to the family of Martin Luther King Jr. and the numerous tragic deaths within, from his, to his brother’s, to his brother’s son’s, to his mother’s, to his father’s.  There is a strong ‘Boule’ theme here, which MLK was a member of. *Satan = 80 *Baphomet = 80 *Bavarian…

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Is Kwame Brown going after media and celebrities proof he is legit? Is he only going half way? Is it a coincidence he began getting attention on the Boule’s birthday?

Secret Societies Sports Staged Media / Controlled Opposition

So far I haven’t heard him say one thing about fixed sports, and that is likely because he made over $64-million in the NBA. That said, he is making some very true points… while making it all about race, black and white, black and white. And for these reasons, I think this is all part…

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Former Portland Trail Blazer, Cliff Robinson, dead at 53, in latest LeBron ‘King’ James ritual, August 29, 2020

Black Lives Matter Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

My favorite Portland Trail Blazer of all-time, growing up in Portland, is dead at 53, on the date of August 29, 2020, the date the Blazers can be eliminated from the playoffs by ‘Los Angeles’. His nickname was ‘Uncle Cliff’. Later today will be the 53rd game between the Lakers and Blazers. Keep in mind,…

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Rep. John Lewis died at 80, July 17, 2020, on the Boule’s 64th day of its age, the same day as CT Vivian

Celebrity Federal Government Murder by Numbers Racism

Read about CT Vivian’s July 17, 2020 death here: Earlier today I wrote about MLK dying 80 days after his birthday, April 4, 1968, in relation to the Boule, and CT Vivian dying on the 64th day of the Boule’s age. Read more about MLK here: 64. Remember, this came on a date…

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Phoenix police shot and killed a man in a parked car July 4, 2020, sparking protests

News Police State Phoenix?  This comes on the back of the killing of 46 year old of George Floyd… Notice how Phoenix, Floyd and ‘chaos’ come togther. Let us not forget that Phoenix is on the 33rd Parallel North. This happened on July 4, or 7/4, like 74.  And we know how they like to bring 74…

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Shaun King of Morehouse College, leader of Black Lives Matter & the George Floyd killing

Racism Secret Societies

Notice the address the the college is 830. The police cruiser on the end of the block in the George Floyd video, was #830: The Boule is now HQ’s in Atlanta, he home of MLK Jr., who was Boule. Read more about the Boule, Kobe Bryant, Martin Luther King Jr., and more: Read…

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