San Jose, CA becomes first city to pass gun ownership insurance & fees laws, January 25, 2022

Government Gun Control Jesuit News

This ‘insurance’ legislation passed 41-days after the anniversary of the Second Amendment being ratified.Insurance = 41-San Jose Sharks beat the Washington Capitals 4-1 after… Read more about the ritual here. And don’t forget, the Winchester Mansion is in San Jose.Winchester = 56Gavin Newsom = 56Society of Jesus = 56-25/1 vote-251, 54th prime-Jesuit Order = 54…

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San Jose, California voting on fees and insurance for gun owners, January 25, 2022, 41-days after anniversary of Second Amendment

Federal Government Gun Control Jesuit News Here’s the joke. Today is 41-days after the anniversary of the ratification of the Second Amendment. Read about the Sep. 13, 1994 assault weapons ban (13/9 —- 139). And recall the song ‘Regulate’ from 1994. It released April 28, a span of 139-days from the assault weapons ban of September 13, that year.…

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Sam Cassidy named as San Jose shooter, May 26, 2021

Astrology Jesuit Mass Shooting Murder by Numbers News Psychological Operation

The shooter is 57-year-old Sam Cassidy. Again, this ritual is clearly connected to the full moon and total lunar eclipse of May 26, 2021. And the 108 connection with the full moon and San Jose, California. And the 72 connection, on the date of the lunar eclipse, May 26, 2021.–5/26/2021 = 5+26+20+21 = 72 Diameter…

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At least 8 killed in San Jose, California mass shooting on May 26, 2021, date of full moon & total lunar eclipse

Federal Government Mass Shooting News Police State Psychological Operation

Notice the 70% stat regarding 10 states reaching that percentage for Covid-19 vaccinations.–Coronavirus = 70–Covid Vaccine = 70 As for the “at least 8 killed”. *Chaos = 19 (8th prime) And again, it is the day of the total lunar eclipse and full moon, relating to the moon and its 19 year cycles. Read the…

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Police responding to deadly shooting in San Jose, California, Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Government News Police State Shooting

The quota is met. Our weekly ‘Wednesday’ shooting story is in!–Wednesday = 37 / 44–Shooting = 37 / 44 And this one comes hours after the total lunar eclipse.–San Jose, California = 108–Geometry = 108/108 (The number connecting to the mathematics of an eclipse)–Full Moon = 108/108 This news also comes on a date with…

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Mike Grier becomes first black general manager in National Hockey League at age 47, July 5, 2022

Black Lives Matter Celebrity Entertainment History Jesuit News Racism Sports

Jackie Robinson was called up in ’47. And Mike Grier becomes the first NHL GM at age 47. Jackie Robinson also wore #42, and today’s ritual comes 181-days after Grier’s birthday (181, 42nd prime).Black History = 181 San Jose Sharks = 42*Jackie = 42Slavery = 42–Slave = 59–Negro = 59–Rasta = 59–Blues = 59–Mike Grier…

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Murder-suicide in Sacramento of June 12, 2022 comes a span of 139-days from gun insurance bill passing on January 25

Gun Control Mass Shooting News Police State Politics Secret Societies

On the 24 date numerology, San Jose, CA is on the map for a mass shooting.6/12/2022 = 6+12+(2+0+2+2) = 24San Jose, CA = 24 The shooting happened in ‘Crescent Village Circle.’Crescent Village Circle = 97Death = 97 From the January 25, 2022 ‘gun insurance’ vote passing in San Jose to the shooting is a span…

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Kevin Clark, the ‘drummer’ from School of Rock, hit and killed by car, May 26, 2021, 271-days after Jack Black’s 51st birthday

Astrology Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

Notice he was the drummer in the film. It’s always the drummer…-Drummer = 38/43 *Killing = 38/43-Drummer = 38/97 *Death = 38/97 Kevin Clark was killed May 26, 2021, the date of the Full Moon and total lunar eclipse, and exactly 271 days after Jack Black’s birthday, where 271 is the 58th prime, and ‘School…

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THE GREATER RITUAL Part 4: Mercury, God Of Transportation, God of Journalism

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Above: Sculpture of the deity MERCURY on the Southern facade of the most famous transportation hub in the world Grand Central Terminal in New York City. The title of the work is Transportation. I will start each segment with the crucial reminder that in the tropical zodiac, the two signs that are ruled by the…

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