Sean Payton becomes first member of NFL to test positive for coronavirus, March 19, 2020 news


56-year-old Sean Payton becomes the first member of the NFL to test positive for the coronavirus… This story is straight toilet paper. This news comes March 19, his 82nd day of his age. Keep your eye on March 22, the 82nd day of the year. *Seattle = 19 / 82 *Bryant = 82

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Mike McCarthy & Amari Cooper’s Super 19 Covid-19 ritual before their game with the Saints, November 29, 2021

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Can you remember what Steeler died at age 58 before primetime football last year? Mike McCarthy landed Covid-19, 19 days after his birthday, and his receiver, #19, also doesn’t fell well, Amari Cooper. And keep in mind all of this is before the ‘Saints’ game, one of two teams, in the 32 team NFL that…

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Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles NFL coch, tests positive for Covid-19, August 2, 2020

Coronavirus Entertainment News Sports This news broke Sunday, August 2nd, 2020. Remember, the shape of the football is the Vesica Piscis, or 82. Philadelphia = 223 *Novel Coronavirus = 223 Sean Payton was the first NFL coach with the virus, and his was a big “82 ritual” as well. Read about that news from March 19th here:…

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Drew Brees issues apology for ‘insensitive’ remarks about George Floyd killing, June 3, 2020

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*Insensitive = 55 / 71 *Super Bowl 55 coming up *See initial decode on George Floyd killing for the relevance of 55 and 71 On June 3, or 6/3, like 63, the New Orleans Saint, Drew Brees, became the center of attention for saying that he didn’t think it was right to protest the national…

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Tom Dempsey of Saints dies from coronavirus / COVID-19, at age 73, April 4, 2020

Celebrity Coronavirus Murder by Numbers News He has died 83-days after his 73rd birthday, on April 4, or 4/4… We know what 83 means… Don’t forget the song ‘Murder by Numbers’ came out in ’83. Read more about that here: As for dying on 4/4, that connects to ‘Saints’ and ‘kill’. As for the news coming on April 5, or…

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The Tops Buffalo Shooting and Legend of Tim McCarthy; O.J. Signed by the Buffalo Bills

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With mass shootings and elementary school attacks dominating the news in the United States, there are a few quick facts that many may not be aware of, and that I point out in my latest video: Sandy Hook was perpetrated by Adam Lanza who used a Bushmaster rifle made by Remington. Remington Arms was sued…

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