Drew Brees issues apology for ‘insensitive’ remarks about George Floyd killing, June 3, 2020

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*Insensitive = 55 / 71 *Super Bowl 55 coming up

*See initial decode on George Floyd killing for the relevance of 55 and 71

On June 3, or 6/3, like 63, the New Orleans Saint, Drew Brees, became the center of attention for saying that he didn’t think it was right to protest the national anthem over the killing of George Floyd and others.

June 3 can be written 6/3 or 3/6, like 63 and 36.

As we know, 99 has been a huge riddle with the George Floyd killing, paralleling the Eric Garner killing, he as choked out by number 99, and causing race riots on the 99-year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Riots.

His remarks also came 99-days before the start of the upcoming season.

Read more about Geoge Floyd and 99:  https://gematriaeffect.news/cities-declare-curfews-across-the-u-s-over-george-floyd-protests-may-31-2020/

And don’t overlook the Catholic symbolism in the Saints.  As we know, the Jesuits are behind this.  Keep in mind, Sean Payton, the coach of the Saints, was the first person related to the NFL to test positive for coronavirus, and that story was by the numbers as well.  Read more about that here:  https://gematriaeffect.news/?s=sean+payton


Drew Brees June 3 remarks came exactly 20-weeks after his birthday, in 2020, when the George Floyd story has everything to do with a $20 bill.

Drew Christopher Brees = 112 *Catholicism = 112

*Jesuits operate in 112 countries

He has apologized on June 4, 20-weeks and 1-days after his birthday (201).

*New Orleans Saints = 64

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