Israel strikes Rafah, Sunday, May 26, 2024, two days after United Nations standown order

Catholic Church Islam Jesuit Jewish Related News War World War Today is exactly 33 weeks after Netanyahu declared war on Hamas, Sunday, October 8, 2024, one day after the October 7 attack. Recall, Friday, exactly a span of 33 weeks from the start of the war, the United Nations, with their logo divided into 33 parts, told Israel to not attack Rafah. Masonry=33Order=33Secrecy=33Federal=33Bible=33*War Games=33…

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Netanyahu’s “nuclear threat” speech at the United Nations, September 22, 2023 , 15 days before ‘war’

Biblical Federal Government Islam Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News Predictive Programming Psychological Operation Terrorism War World War There is a gematria connection with Israel and nuclear warfare.Nuclear War = 64 & 44Israel = 64 & 44Zion = 64 & 44Kill = 64 & 44 Watch the nuclear threat here: Read the 44 seconds article, it begins with Yom Kippur. Notice, this was the headline from the Times of Israel on September…

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Josh Green pledged Hawaii’s green future at the United Nations on July 12, 2023 (before Maui fires)

Climate Change / Environment Fire History Jesuit Jewish Related News Secret Societies Weather

Recall, the 127 rituals with the burning of Hawaii we have discussed thus far, a pattern that goes back to Pearl Harbor on December 7, or 12/7. Well, Josh Green was at the United Nations on July 12, or 12/7, just before Maui burned. That means from his UN appearance to the fire was 27…

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Earth’s population reaches 8 billion according to United Nations, November 15, 2022 (the day rumors of World War III begin)

New World Order News Population Control War World War

8 billion people on the 68 date numerology?11/15/2022 = 11+15+20+22 = 68Eight Billion = 68Mathematics = 68 Ask yourself, who took this tally on this day? And keep in mind it comes on the day rumors of World War III breakout, and the world’s ruling class has been talking about how we need to reduce…

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Russia reportedly attacks Kyiv while Antonio Guterres of United Nations is visiting, April 28, 2022

Catholic Church Jesuit Military New World Order News War World War

We have the latest 201 ritual in Ukraine, with the supposed bombing of Kyiv while the head of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres is in town. And notice the emphasis on ”requires an appropriate, powerful response.’ The Jesuit Order = 201-Ukraine has been a series of 201 rituals This news also comes on Vladimir Putin’s…

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141 countries vote at United Nations on behalf of Ukraine with PDF, 201 KB

Catholic Church Jesuit New World Order News Politics War World War

On March 2, 141 nations voted in favor of Ukraine’s sovereignty with PDF, 201 KB.The Jesuit Order = 201-32 sun rays on Jesuit logo-March 3, or 3/2 vote And how about the 35 countries that abstained? *Catholic = 35

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The Jesuit ritual unveiling the beast sculpture at the United Nations on November 9, 2021

Biblical Catholic Church Government Jesuit New World Order News

Oaxaca, Mexico = 66-Oaxaca is 33 square miles-UN logo is divided into 33 parts-Mexico = 33-Bible = 33Thirty-Three = 66Number of the Beast = 66New Testament = 66-Revelation, 66th book of the Bible-66, 11th triangular number-New York, 11th state–Beast = 11 And this statue is in New York, 666 land. And it was unveiled on…

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United Nations webpage pays tribute to 201 in their Agenda 21 participants photo, June 13, 1992

Coronavirus Jesuit New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Notice, the United Nations webpage in tribute to the Agenda 21 meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil shows a photo taken of the participants from June 13, 1992, the day leaving 201 days in the year. Rio de Janeiro = 201Event 201 (Coronavirus simulation focused on Brazil 1-month before outbreak)The Jesuit Order = 201,…

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The establishment of the United Nations, October 24, 1945, in San Francisco, in the time of Pope Pius XII

Catholic Church History Jesuit New World Order

193 members? *Roman Catholic Church = 193 It was created in the time of Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli, or Pope Pius XII. As for the title ‘Pope Pius XII’… United Nations = 57; Pope Pius XII = 57 For the Jesuit fingerprints, look no further than the name ‘United Nations’. The United Nations…

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