Mark Zuckerberg’s first child born on his 201st day of his age, November 30, 2015 +Announcement on anniversary of death of David Ben-Gurion

Big Tech Celebrity Jesuit News Mark Zuckerberg’s child’s birth was announced 201 days after his birthday, on the anniversary of the death of David Ben-Gurion. Of course, he founded Israel, on May 14, 1948, 36 years to the day of Zuckerberg’s birthday. The Jesuit Order = 201State of Israel = 201 And never forget this moment, with the 2010…

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Meta’s Threads releases 201 days after Pope’s birthday, July 6, 2023

Big Tech Jesuit News It’s the latest 201 ritual from big tech. Threads, the new Meta (Facebook) platform, intended to compete with Twitter, officially launched July 6, 2023, 201 days after Pope Francis’ birthday. Keep in mind July 6 is also the 187th day of the year.The Jesuit Order = 201Society of Jesus = 187 The name also…

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Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan Facebook was wrong to ban The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story, August 25, 2022 (and Joe Rogan’s birthday 66 weeks and 6 days after Church of Satan’s est.)

Big Tech Celebrity Censorship Entertainment

It’s funny Zuckerberg is on Rogan today, August 25, or 25/8.Order of Illuminati = 258Number of the Beast = 258-Computer = 666-Internet = 666-See the 666 ritual below See my older post on Zuckerberg and the number 258 and 201 here. Today is 103 days after Mark Zuckerberg’s May 14 birthday.Russian Propaganda = 103…

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Mark Zuckerberg refers to himself ‘The Eye of Sauron’ form Lord of the Rings on Tim Ferris March 24, 2022 podcast

Big Tech Corporate Entertainment Jesuit New World Order News Population Control Predictive Programming Secret Societies Socialization

How many times have I said Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are Jesuit pawns? Look at how he refers to himself as ‘The Eye of Sauron.’The Eye of Sauron = 201 / 177 / 69The Jesuit Order = 201 / 177 / 69 The remarks were made on the Tim Ferriss Show. And think about…

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Facebook rebrands itself as Meta, October 28, 2021, 167 days after Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday

Big Tech Celebrity Jesuit Jewish Related News

Facebook is now known as ‘Meta’, per Mark Zuckerberg, October 28, 2021, 167 days after his birthday.167, 39th primeMeta = 39 39 books in the Old Testament. Israel out of World War II, a war that began in ’39. Mark Zuckerberg, born on Israel’s birthday, May 14, 1984 (in the Orwellian year of ’84) This…

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Mark Zuckerberg discusses ‘Metaverse’ and ‘Facebook’s Future’, October 28, 2021, on Bill Gates’ 66th birthday

Big Tech Celebrity Jesuit News

This news comes on Bill Gates’ 66th birthday. Last year Mark Zuckerberg was buying up real estate in Seattle, taking over the REI outdoor company, the same day Bill Gates’ father died, September 14, 2020. Of course, they’re both Jewish-Jesuit pawns with clear 201 connections. For another fun stat, today is 5-months and 14-days after…

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Mark Zuckerberg, front and center, May 5, 5/5, for upholding the Facebook suspension of Donald Trump, 119 days after the “insurrection”

Big Tech Censorship Federal Government News Police State Politics

Mark ‘Zuckerberg’ is front and center on May 5, 2021, emphasis on 5/5, like 55. *Zuckerberg = 154 (Number related to Saturn and very important to the Jesuits) That is because of the upheld suspension on Donald Trump on this date, 119 days after the “Capitol insurrection.” Read more about the ruling coming 119 days…

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Mark Zuckerberg & Jack Dorsey face U.S. Senate, November 17, 2020, the 322nd day of the year, in massive Jesuit-Illuminati ritual

Big Tech Catholic Church Coronavirus Jesuit New World Order News Secret Societies Zionism

This took place Tuesday, November 17, 2020, the 322nd day of the leap year. Read this old post on Zuckerberg and Dorsey and 322: This ritual came 187 days after Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday. Don’t forget Mark Zuckerberg was born in George Orwell’s 1984, on May 14, the birthday of modern Israel in ’48.…

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Donald Trump tells governors to ‘dominate’ protesters, Facebook employees stage a virtual protest of Trump and Zuckerberg & Obama weighs in on George Floyd protests, June 1, 2020

Big Tech Government News

Number 45, Donald Trump, calls for governors to ‘dominate’.  Sounds like the right choice of words to deescalate the situation, not.  Also, notice how he calls on government, and not the people. And today’s date has 47 numerology, June 1, 2020, thus the perfect day for Facebook to protest the President, Trump. 6/1/2020 = 6+1+20+20…

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May 14, 2020, Israel’s 72nd birthday and Mark Zuckerberg’s 36th

Government History Jewish Related Religion Remember, Israel’s birthday is Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday. Watch Mark Zuckerberg, who has the same birthday as Israel, reveal the Star of David, hidden in his hoodie. And don’t forget that Facebook was created by DARPA, not Mark Zuckerberg: Read about the 64th Eurovision on Israel’s 71st birthday last year: Read about…

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