Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, with photo from the 1950s, accused of being Boulder, Colorado shooter of March 22, 2021

Federal Government News Police State Politics Psychological Operation Racism Shooting Staged Media / Controlled Opposition Terrorism

The name Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa equates to 155, the same as #GunReformNow, the hashtag created in the aftermath.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa = 65 / 124 / 155 / 331 (67th prime)

Freemasons = 155 *Coronavirus = 155

Notice the photo of the shooter below, it is TOTALLY CONVINCING.

As for the shooting being near the University of Colorado, it has that 112 gematria, like ‘Sandy Hook’. And of course 112 is the alt dialing code for emergencies.

Never forget 112 pound Adam Lanza.

Or that the Jesuits operate in 112 countries.


*Colorado was eliminated by Florida State in March Madness on the day of the shooting as well.

And notice how ‘The University of Colorado’ fits in.

And remember, the day started with “322 propaganda” relating to Islamic terrorism, with the Supreme Court brining up the Boston Marathon Bombing. Read more about that here.

Also, Joan caught these crucial findings.

April 17 can also be written 17/4, like 174, connecting to ‘false flag’ and ‘New World Order’.

Store #33
22/3 date (223, 48th prime number)
False Flag = 174 *New World Order = 174

Remember when Barbara Bush died on April 17? The wife of Mr. New World Order? George H.W. Bush?

And here’s the bit about the Christchurch shooting being the motivation, and that there is no record he ever existed outside of social media posts…



  1. CJ Cheifer on March 24, 2021 at 7:40 pm

    This is a very long reply, but I worked really hard to be thorough.

    This was “The Kraken” (93,39,150,51) of all mass shooting themes. This movie review is based upon Dean Schiller’s ZFG Videography’s YouTube video of the mass shooting that happened in Boulder Colorado on 3-22-2021. I’m going to list in parentheses the four main Gematria ciphers in this order — English Ordinal, Full Reduction, Reverse Ordinal, Reverse Full Reduction — for each word/phrase I think is important in this “movie review” (146,65,151,61). I’m not very good at remembering what Gematria numbers belong to what theme, as I’m a math person.

    Twins Theme:
    – 36-00 two zeros, 60 x 60.
    – Table (40,13,95,32) Mesa (38,11,70,25) which is “table” in Spanish. Table Mesa (78,24,165,57)
    – King Soopers (148,58,149,59) Two o’s… also means “hugs” (55,19,53,17).
    – Two Blue “Ford Fusions” (146,56,15,61) in beginning parking lot.
    – “14 cornered 14” (fourteen = 104,41,112,40)
    – Two Towers (158,41,85,49) at entrance
    – Dean Schiller (110,56,214,70) Two l’s, Sch- (30,12,51,15)is also repeated in names throughout.
    – Denny Stong (137,47,133,43) Two n’s, sidenote: just an “r” away from being StRong. He was Dean’s “friend” (56,38,106,34) who tried calling him from the inside. Some friend Dean was (what a joke… we all know Dean’s a shill). He was also 20 y/o …two… and zero.
    – Eric Talley (110,47,160,61) Two l’s, also, the death tally went up with his death, meaning he was the Uriah (57,30,78,33), one of the biblical “Mighty Men” (115,51,129,39) selected to head the battle, but every one else was commanded to stand back.
    – Conner (69,33,93,30) or Connor (79,34,83,29)Two n’s gives Dean (24,15,84,21) a ride to the house of the 2nd “shooter,” (100,37,89,35) or “second shooter” (160,61,191,65) who happened to be the “1st shooter” with the bloody leg who escaped the ambulance and came home as per his “neighbor.”
    – Conner was an Uber (46,19,62,26) AND Lyft (63,18,45,18) driver as the light up emblems were on his windshield.

    Sports Theme:

    – Colorado “Buffalos” (82,28,134,44) or “Buffs” (54,18,81,27)and the Florida State “Noles” (65,20,70,25) were playing that day (Seminoles = 111,39,132,51)
    – The “Noles” symbol is a “Chief” (31,31,104,23).
    – Guy with a camera wearing a “KC Chiefs” (64,37,152,44), “Kansas City Chiefs” (172,64,260,98) “beanie” (36,27,126,36) at 2:03:10 in the 3:14 min long video.
    – Florida’s “Sweet 16” or “Sweet Sixteen” (168,51,156,66)
    – “Anthony Polite” (174,66,177,60) scored 22 points (another twin reference, March 22 reference, 22 chromosome reference). “twenty two chromosomes” (308, 92, 232, 97)
    -Adidas (38,20,124,43) shoes, pants, and backpack. The creator of Adidas, “Adolf Dassler” (116,44,208,73) convinced “Jesse Owens” (143,44,154,64) to wear them in the 1936 “Olympics” (112,40,104,41). Nazi (50,23,58,22) era.
    – Puma (51,15,57,21) is the business rival, by Adolf’s brother “Rudolf Dassler” (154,55,197,80)… and I saw a few Puma shoes spotlighted too!
    – A person in a “wheelchair” (92,56,178,52) on the sidewalk was also wearing Adidas pants.

    Community (133,43,110,47)/Unity/Socialism (100,37,143,62)Theme:

    – Police: “Town of Erie” (130,58,140,50), veh # 762
    – “State Patrol” (147,39,150,69) “50+ years” (fifty plus years = 202,67,176,77), “Sarcom” (69,24,93,39) veh # “3155
    – Boulder police van “Working with the Community to Provide Service and Safety” (623,245,673,259)
    – Police: “Longmont” (110,38,106,34)
    – “Boulder Emergency Squad” (234,99,333,108)
    – “He’s connected to IFV” (187,79,272,83) “Infantry Fighting Vehicle” (251,134,370,118)
    – Police: “City of Arvada” (125,53,199,73)
    – “Jefferson County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad” (380,146,484,169) you should check out the emblem http://www.mike-snook.com/photos/entirecollection/colorado/jefferson/CO-JeffcoBombSquad.jpg
    – Police: “Louisville” (136,46,134,62) veh # 91 “Safety/Quality of Life/Community” (367,133,389,146)
    – Police: “Ford Setina” (111,48,159,60) veh # 2303. Plate # “ORN” (47,20,34,16) “66_” with the 2 after the 66 intentionally blocked by the flood/fog light placement upside down, see 2:02:34. The light placement was also upside down to give a clearer view of this main advertiser’s, “Ford” (43,25,65,20), symbol. 66 is also the 3- 22 chromosomes reference with the “mRNA” (46,19,62,26) VaXx’s adding a synthetic strand of patented technology to human “DNA” (19,10,62,17), making the two strands (44) into three strands (66).
    – Police: “Broomfield” (99,54,171,54)
    – Police: “Denver Police” (128,65,196,61) “To Serve and Protect” (220,76,239,95) veh # 6132
    – Police: Lic plate # BSI 388
    – Police: “Westminster” (165,48,132,69)
    – Police: “Setina” (68,23,94,40) Lic plate # “WUO” (59,14,22,13) 677
    – Police: K-9 Unit or Canine Unit (110,47,160,61)
    – Police: Cop (34,16,47,11) “W. Gittins” (121,40,95,50) “R. Meehan” (64,37,125,35) Dean argued with the first one and “flipped off” (95,59,175,40) and called a “dick” (27,18,81,27) to the second one.
    – Police: veh # 2604 and another one # 745
    -Fire Dept: Truck with ladder in huge print “2516”
    -Police Chief Maris Herald. “Female Police Chief” (133,88,326,83) Female VP “Kamala Harris” (112,49,212,86). Maris’s name switched around, “Haris Merald” (108,54,189,72). Heiress Emerald (141,69,237,84).

    Astrology/god/goddess Theme:
    – “Neptune Tandoori” (191,74,214,79) Neptune (95,32,94,31) Tandoori (96,42,120,48) there’s the two oo’s again. Neptune is the “blue” (40,13,68,23) “planet” (68,23,94,31). It is the 4th largest planet and is the 8th planet away from from the sun (Obama birthday reference 8-4-61…). It is 17 times the size of the Earth (52,25,83,29). 17th or “seventeenth” (137,47,160,52)street is also where the “gunman” (70,25,92,29) lived. It orbits the “sun” (54,9,27,18) once every 164.8 years (a Trump reference, his birthday is 6-14-46 and an Obama reference if read backwards 8-4-61). Notice, the lighter blue, like all the ties the Congress and Presidents are wearing lately are this Neptune blue color https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/UgZ1DVHBhrPzWxBwt7muNSxL6FI=/0x0:5851×3901/1200×800/filters:focal(3951×390:4887×1326)/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/68646054/1230461139.0.jpg
    – The “Bembine Table of Isis” (167,77,319,112) is also called The Mensa (52,16,83,29) Isiaca (42,24,120,48) or Isiac Tablet (101,38,196,79). Mensa is also Latin for the word “table” (40,13,95,32).
    – “Under the Sun” (149,50,148,58) is a restaurant right next to Neptune Tandoori. The sun is the most important in the “Solar System” (166,40,131,68) to the world. To God (26,17,55,10), the Earth (52,25,83,29) was created first, that goes to show what is truly more important as far as planets. More satanic alms to sun worship.

    Domestic Terrorist:

    – “Ahmad Al-Aliwi Alissa” (155,64,331,124) of Arvada (47,20,115,43). I see three AI’s in there AI (10,10,44,17)
    – Like C3PO’s or “C-three-PO(‘s)” (90,45,126,36) “right leg” (86,50,130,40) is “silver” (85,31,77,41) and the rest “gold” (38,20,70,16). Ahmad’s was “red” (27,18,54,18) with “blood” (48,21,87,24) and the rest “white” (65,29,70,25). “Bloody Right Leg” (159,78,219,66)
    – Started hobbling ONLY after he made direct eye contact with Dean, with a little smirk.
    – His neighbor said the Ahmad possibly escaped from the paramedic van and came home to the 17th Street and “Arapahoe” (65,38,151,43). So, he walked miles in his underwear, with a “beer belly” (86,41,157,49) and a bloody leg, “barefoot” (82,37,134,44), and nobody saw him go there? Haha, that’s the best implied scene of this “Blair Witch Project” (192,84,267,105) sequel. Escaped (53,26,136,37)
    – Cruddy-looking “Red Suburban” (125,44,172,73) with the passenger windows broken and taped, surrounded by police right before the officers kicked Dean ScHILLer out of the “parking lot” (123,51,147,57). Lic plate 549 “UQV” (60,15,21,12). An accomplice (80,44,190,55)? Notice is was broke down Republican (101,47,169,61) red (27,18,54,18). And it was a Chevy (63,27,72,18)/ Chevrolet (108,45,135,45). Obviously, the Blue Bloods (107,35,163,55) / Democrats (98,35,145,55) with their Fords were the “Sooper Stars” (165,48,132,69) here.

    Native American Theme:
    – Shooter lives on 17th and Arapahoe (65,38,151,43). Arapaho (60,33,129,39) is the proper spelling. The Arapaho flag is red, white and black, kind of like Ahmad… white skin, black hair, black underwear, and a red leg.
    – a “Police Chief” (91,64,206,53) & “Fire Chief” (69,60,174,48) of course. Chief (31,31,104,23)
    – “Kansas City Chief’s” (172,64,260,98) beanie (36,27,126,36) spotlight.
    – “FSU Seminoles” (157,49,167,68) symbol is a Chief, played against CU Buffs (78,24,111,39) on 3-22-21. “The Noles” (98,35,118,37) won 71-53.
    – “Bear Creek” (68,41,175,58) signs in places. Maybe Creek (42,24,93,30) Indians (70,34,119,47) Muscogee (96,33,120,39) is another name for Creek, and Oklahoma (76,31,140,41) has a big population. Possibly early rivals to Arapaho. “Okie from Muskogee” (188,80,244,82) song from Merle Haggard (99,63,225,63).
    – “Marysville Pilchuck High School” (323,143,433,145) had a shooting. It was the only school shooting that had a “Native American” (135,63,243,90) shooter. At a Washington press conference with “Chuck Sch-umer” (133,52,191,65), this school was mentioned “first” (72,27,63,36).

    Bruce Almighty theme:

    – Released 5-23-2003 (5-5-5)
    -Director Tom Shadyac (109,37,161,53)
    – Starring Jim Carrey (102,48,141,60)
    – related scene to “Mass Shooting” (159,51,165,66) – Bruce Nolan (105,42,165,57), is the lead character (B.N., B-uffs, N-oles, all names, 5 letters), and Noles sounds like it could be a nickname for last name “Nolan” (56,20,79,25). “Bruce” (49,22,86,32) gets fired for flipping off the news company and calling them “fuckers” (83,29,106,43) while doing a live news clip from “Niagara Falls” (101,47,223,79) (Canada/America border), and “Carrey” (70,34,92,38) is a Canadian-American (111,66,321,105). because he was pissed about the “this just in” (149,141,121,67) news that “Evan Baxter” (112,40,158,58) made “Anchor” (59,32,193,31), and not him. Dean Schiller flipped off “Robocop” (84,39,105,33) R. Meehan with both arms having “sleeve tattoos” (178,43,173,74) and called him a “dick” (27,18,81,27). At most work places, you have to cover your sleeve tattoos. This cop was all visibly tatted out.
    – The most important – related – scene in these two movies: Bruce shows up to a Police training area (with dogs) in Buffalo, NY (102,39,141,42), as in CU Buffalos, after receiving “God’s Power” (122,50,121,40), to be the first one there when a “dog” (26,17,55,10) discovers Jimmy Hoffa’s body in a “shallow grave” (143,53,181,64). So, guess who gets his face all over the news? Bruce Nolan. Who gets his job back and makes Anchor? Bruce Nolan. Btw, Jimmy Hoffa (106,52,164,47) “disappeared” (98,53,199,64) on 7-30-1975, never found, and “declared dead” (66,48,258,69) on 7-30-1982. His full name was “James Riddle Hoffa” (136,73,296,89). Riddle??? As in “DC Comics” (69,33,147,48) – The Riddler (103,58,167,59), or “Edward Nygma” (115,52,182,56) aka “Edward E. Nigma” (104,59,220,67) – which Jim Carrey played in “Batman Forever” (140,59,211,76). Jim Carrey’s full name is James Eugene Carrey (175,76,284,95). The Riddler, nemesis of Bruce Wayne (117,45,153,54). Bruce Wayne, Bruce Nolan. Bruce Wayne, Jimmy Hoffa, also, more 5-letter names. “I am Batman” (74,29,169,61) – said “President Trump” (198,72,180,81) last year.

    Most important theme, Westminster and The City of London:

    – in the beginning of the reel, Dean said that Westminster PD (185,59,166,76) was there.
    – “London” (74,29,88,25) is actually not a city, it’s Westminster (165,48,132,69). THE CITY OF LONDON (185,77,220,67) is an actual corporation owned by The Vatican (103,40,167,59), and financed through The Rothschild (116,53,154,55) Bankers (70,25,119,47). The Queen of England (173,83,286,70) governs/manages, this corporation. On 2-21-1871, the United States for America (279,108,396,153) not “of” America, got sold to THE CITY OF LONDON, by the 41st Congress, and the 18th President, Ulysses S. Grant (199,46,152,80), Since then, we’ve been US-OF-A, Inc (88,34,128,47). All capital letters. We haven’t had Presidents or Congress now for 150 years. The “sesquicentennial” (187,70,245,92) “anniversary” (146,56,151,70) was 2-21-2021. USG was born 4-27-1822, as Hiram Ulysses Grant (229,76,230,104), but didn’t want the initials H.U.G. (see where the hugs, oo’s, in King Sooper play now?), so he changed it to Ulysses S [(as in Simpson, as in The Simpsons (157,49,140,59), as in Homer Simpson(164,65,160,61)] Grant. He died on 7-23-1885. Another Jim Carrey, movie, The Number 23, or, “The Number Twenty-Three” (269,98,271,100), where on 7-23, July 23rd, the Sirius (95,32,67,49) alignment affects planet Earth in a very dramatic way, usually with life and death involved. He becomes crazy with the number 23 and sees it everywhere. Since 2-22-1871, we have only had CEO’s and slave-driving managers. Biden is the 28th CEO, because “Benjamin Harrison” (170,80,262,100) slid in at # 6, when “Grover Cleveland” (163,73,242,80) got fired as the 5th CEO, then re-hired as the 7th CEO. We are “bond-slaves” (113,32,157,58) unaware, born into slavery here on the US-OF-A, Inc property, and the “Queen” (62,26,73,19) is giving the rulership of “North America” (125,62,199,73) over to “Prince Harry” (135,72,162,63)? Why else would he really be here? I mean really.
    -A “shilling” (90,45,126,45) is a historical coin designed by England’s royalty originally. Queen Elizabeth II’s face is on some of them. Watch for Dean Shilling, oh, I mean Dean Schiller, be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Important movie lines to remember:

    – “I am a journalist!” (162,54,189,90) – Dean Schiller (110,56,214,70) of ZFG Videography (169,88,209,56) Zillion Films Group (233,98,226,91)
    – “A lot of ambulances STAGED for victims” (350,125,514,190) – Dean Schiller
    – “I am not a student” (176,50,202,85) – Dean Schiller
    – “Get out!” (88,25,74,29) none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger (223,106,317,101) fan, R. Meehan. Btw, Sch-warzenegger was born on “July thirtieth” (185,68,166,76), date Jimmy Hoffa went missing.
    – “As you were shooting it, I should say, filming it” (500,194,526,211)- Male interviewer interviewing Dean Schiller.
    – “So that’s S-H-I-L-L-E-R?” (185,59,193,85) Female interviewer. Then Dean corrected her and said, C-HILLER, then put the S back in. From Shiller, to Chiller, to Schiller. “Dean’s Chiller, a real thriller!” (249,123,426,156) – CJ Cheifer (67,49,176,50). That’s me, lol.
    – “On the scanner” (136,55,188,62)- Conner, the Uber/Lyft driver. Apparently, the Uber/Lyft driver, who likes to scratch his butt on camera btw, listened to “police scanner(s)” (134,62,217,73) like Dean. What a coincidence (84,57,213,60).

    Some final observations:

    – Channel 2 news “Fox” (45,18,36,9) was there. Interviewed Dean.
    -CNN (31,13,50,14) was there.
    – A guy with professional camera equipment, the Adidas backpack, Puma shoes, a gray cap, and an orange and black mask gives someone in the parking lot what looked like an “and cut!” (63,18,99,36) or an “It’s a wrap!” (107,35,109,55). Elaborate hand signal, definitely with a hand-cutting motion at the neck. You can see this from 202:15 – 202:17 of Dean Schiller’s, KFG Videography video that’s over 3 hours long.
    – Someone gives Dean a drink and nobody knows what it is, but you hear the aluminum can opening sound. Then he gives us a view of the bright green Sprite (87,33,75,39) can when he gets into Conner’s rideshare vehicle.
    – Snarf’s (77,23,85,40) Sandwiches is mentions, which is on 5340 Arapahoe st. In Boulder (77,32,112,40). The phone number has a 303 area code and a 444 prefix in it.
    – Chuck Sch-umer (133,52,192,65) had a briefing, wearing a bright green mask that said, “Ithaca is gorges” (141,69,237,84) in white letters. Ithaca, NY (81,36,135,45) is known for its waterfalls [Bruce Almighty scene at Niagara Falls giving “The Finger” (92,56,151,43)]. Ithaca (42,24,120,39). It’s part of the “Finger Lakes” (107,53,190,64) region. Bill Finger (94,58,176,59), aka Milton Finger (142,70,182,65) created the characters Batman (51,15,111,39) AND The “Riddler” (70,43,119,47). Then a female congresswoman from Washington State, I believe it was Kim Sch-rier (113,59,157,67), came up to the podium and spoke about the school shootings, first mentioning the one in Marysville (136,46,134,62).
    – Jim Carrey was born 1-17, and it’s the “117th Congress.” However after The Act of 1871, there was no Congress after the 41st Congress, and so, that would make this group of jokers the 77th “Group of Jokers” (176,68,175,67).

    Batman theme:

    -Remember “The Dark Knight Rises” (206,89,280,109) shooting in Aurora (74,29,88,43), Colorado (83,38,133,43), “Aurora, Colorado” (157,67,221,86)? It was directed by Christopher Edward Nolan (250,115,344,119), born July 30, 1970, Nolan, as in Bruce Nolan… and guess where he was born? “Westminster, London, England” (296,107,352,127). The Dark Knight Rises, released on 7-20-2012, 10 days [and 10 people were killed in this “massacre” (79,25,137,56)] before Nolan’s 42nd birthday, a mass shooting occurred at the Century 16 or “Century Sixteen Movie Theatre” (343,127,359,143), “killing” (74,38,115,43) 12 and injuring 70 (as in 1970 for Nolan). Colorado seems to take the cake for staging mass shootings. Jim Carrey seems to be a big pawn for the Jesuits too, equal to Tom Hanks maybe.

    I found some personal idiosyncrasies with this mass shooting that kinda tripped me out: Jimmy Hoffa went missing on my birthday, the exact day and year, 7-30-1975; I graduated from Marysville Pilchuck H.S. in 1993, the school the congresswoman mentioned first in the press briefing; I was an Uber and Lyft driver for over a year; and I was in Mensa (the high IQ organization), because I scored a perfect score on The Raven, and I saw an error in a news story that said that the shooting happened at Table Mensa. Mensa in Spanish means “idiot,” but in Latin, it means “table.” I’ve lapsed on my membership simply because I can’t validate the spending of money to be in a rather leftist special interest group. There are some more far reaching anomalies that only matter to me. I think they’re on to me, lol.

    In closing, here’s a little math for that day:
    3+22+2021= 2046 =12=3, the seq is then 363636 =27=9
    3+22+21= 46 =10=1, the sequence is then 1,2,4,8,7,5 =27=9
    3,(2+2)4,(2+1)3… 343 is 7x7x7
    3+4=7, 2+1=3, 73, or 7-30
    3+4=7, 2+2+1=5, 75

    • 100mph on December 10, 2021 at 11:21 am

      Nice work deserves its own post on here .

  2. 100mph on December 10, 2021 at 11:22 am

    Its funny how none of the young victims dont have fb accounts or any social media i can find

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