Alex Ovechkin moves to 7th all-time in NHL scoring, February 4, 2021

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What an accomplishment by Alex Ovechkin on 4/2.,717%20goals%20in%20his%20career.

He hits the milestone of 7th all-time three days before Super Bowl 55 where several 7s are riding on the board.

Brady can win his 7th Super Bowl
Andy Reid can become the 7th coach to win back-to-back
The Chiefs can improve to 7-7 vs the Bucs
Patrick Mahomes can win his 7th playoff game
Nick Saban just won his 7th championship
The NFL changed the playoffs so 7 teams from each conference represent in the playoffs…

Notice Alex has the same birthday as Patrick Mahomes, September 17.

Keep in mind Alex plays for Washington…

There’s a big 288 riding on the Super Bowl too with the Bucs being the first team playing in their own building for the Super Bowl, Raymond James Stadium, and potentially winning their 288th franchise game.

Who’d the Bucs beat in the Wild Card round of the playoffs?

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  1. Ccabnow on February 6, 2021 at 8:55 am

    Zach, Only 7 quarterbacks have ever beaten Tom Brady in the playoffs all time. (11 playoff losses to 7 different qbs)

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