East Palestine, Ohio, the war in Israel & November 30, 2024 (save the date)

Entertainment Jesuit Predictive Programming Satanic Secret Societies Train Wrecks War

November 30, 2024, will be 666 days after the East Palestine disaster.

You might recall in the film White Noise, connected to the East Palestine disaster, the film pays tribute to the occult.


That is also 95 weeks and a day *East Palestine, Ohio=666 *Six Hundred Sixty Six=95

It will also be a date with 85 numerology.

It reminds us that East Palestine was synced up with Israel’s birthday, and the war in Israel was synced with the disaster, and it began on the day leaving 85 days in the year.

The disaster was at 8:55…

And recall, East Palestine was a big 266 ritual. *Iesus Hominum Salvator=85 & 266

November 30, 2024, will be exactly 60 weeks after the war began. *Order=60

The Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church began with 60 members. And in this case, November 30 will be shortly after the 60th US Presidential Election. *Donald Trump=60

Donald Trump, Mr. Church of Satan, was the McDonald’s hero of East Palestine.

Of course, MAGA is the highest degree of the Church of Satan, and associated with witchcraft.

Donald Trump brought all the hamburgers on February 22, 2023, 19 days after the wreck.
Order Out of Chaos=222

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