FDA puts strict limits on Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine, May 5, 2022

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It is interesting this announcement from the US Food & Drug Administration came on May 5, or 5/5. It reminds us that in ’55 they had to stop the polio vaccine because it was killing people. It also reminds us that Bill Gates, the face of the pandemic, was born in ’55.
Thrombosis = 132
Vaccine = 132

Just the other day Pfizer reported they made $13.2 billion off their vaccine for the first quarter of 2022.

Revelation 13:2 is about the beast.
Vaccination = 666

Read more about Janssen here.

Keep in mind Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is not mRNA based, which is the real reason they are making it less and less of an option, as they’ve been doing for more than a year. It was April 13, 2021 that the CDC recommended a pause on the J&J vaccination due to blood clot threats.

Furthermore, the official term, “thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome” equates to 201.

The CDC first published on this problem April 23, 2021, the 113th day of the year.
Coronavirus Pandemic
-Declared on 11/3 (March 11, 2020)

And recall, Event 201 was the coronavirus pandemic simulation.
The Jesuit Order = 201 / 177
Klaus Schwab = 177
-The Jesuit host of Event 201

Read about Johnson & Johnson’s 201 rep for Event 201.
Adrian Thomas = 201

And don’t forget Moderna’s double 201 connection.

And don’t forget Bill Gates, the main co-sponsor of Event 201.
William Henry Gates = 201 / 258
Order of Illuminati = 201 / 258

And don’t forget the founder of the CDC, Dr. Joseph Mountin.
Dr. Joseph Mountin = 201

And don’t forget the father of virology.
Martinus Beijerinck = 201

And don’t forget the father of genetics.
Gregor Mendel = 201

And don’t forget the pig hearts joke and how it relates to 201.

Notice how at the time of this announcement it says J&J has given 18.7 million doses of their vaccine.
Society of Jesus = 187 / 56
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
-The announcement came 5/5
-It is a top news story on 5/6


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