Len Dawson, dead on Kobe Bryant Day, August 24, 2022 & the 187th day of Clark Hunt’s age

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Len Dawson joined the NFL Hall of Fame in ’87, and now he is dead at age 87, on his 66th day of his age. Keep in mind, last week it was Dawson Knox’s brother.
Number of the Beast = 66 / 87
NFL = 66

And yesterday I talked about Kobe’s death the Sunday before Super Bowl 54, and Mahomes’ Super Bowl 54 win with the perfect box score in tribute to Kobe. Now, notice Dawson is dead on August 24, 2022, Kobe Bryant Day (because he wore #8 and #24).
8/24/22 = 8+24+22 = 54
Chiefs won Super Bowl 54
*Kobe Bean Bryant = 54 / 81
*Mark of the Beast = 54 / 81
-Kobe’s career high in his 666th game

#16, who played 19 seasons. And don’t forget Super Bowl 54 was the Joe Montana Bowl, the man who wore #16 and #19.

He is also dead on the 24th, 24 days before Patrick Mahomes’ birthday, September 17.
Mahomes was 24 when he won Super Bowl 54 (one week after the death of #24, Kobe)

Mahomes is 26 right now *Bryant = 26 (His 26th completion won Super Bowl 54)

And don’t forget when Mahomes beat Len Dawson’s passing record, and his wife’s father was at the game, and he dropped dead.

ALSO, Len Dawson is dead 172 days before Super Bowl 57.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172

Keep in mind it is Super Bowl 57 upcoming, and Dawson was drafted in ’57.
Round 1, Pick 5 (Mahomes, #15)

Leonard Dawson = 206 (Born 20/6)

He is also dead on the 187th day of the Chiefs’ owner’s age, that is Clark Hunt.
Society of Jesus = 187
Holy Roman Empire = 187
Unconquered Sun = 187

Notice he is 57 right now… Super Bowl 57 upcoming…

Clark Knobel Hunt = 238 *Eye of Providence = 238 *Dawson’s last full day on earth, 23/8

It looks like the hunt this time was Len Dawson. RIP.

And notice where The Silence of the Lambs, Buffalo Bills, Q Lazzarus narrative fits in.

You could also say he is dead 65 days after his birthday, and Kobe Bryant is from Philadelphia.
Philadelphia Eagles = 87
Philadelphia = 65

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