Big Tech Jesuit New World Order News

Of course, Zuckerberg was born May 14, 1984, on Israel’s birthday.

Read more about Zuckerberg the Jesuit pawn, Facebook and DARPA:

Keep in mind he is 36 years old and this news came on a date with 54 numerology.

The plural Jesuits equates to 86, and the news came on 8/6.

You could also say that August 6th was his 85th day of his age, corresponding with centbillionaire.

Read about Jeff Beezos major Jesuit rituals: and here: and here:

Amazon = 70; Vatican = 70; Francis = 70

Beezos and Zuckerberg now have that “Bill Gates” money. Notice his full name, William Henry Gates, also sums to 84.

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