Former Portland Trail Blazer, Cliff Robinson, dead at 53, in latest LeBron ‘King’ James ritual, August 29, 2020

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My favorite Portland Trail Blazer of all-time, growing up in Portland, is dead at 53, on the date of August 29, 2020, the date the Blazers can be eliminated from the playoffs by ‘Los Angeles’. His nickname was ‘Uncle Cliff’. Later today will be the 53rd game between the Lakers and Blazers. Keep in mind,…

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The Dodgers 13-5 away record on Jackie Robinson Day, 135 days after April 15, 2020 & Kobe Bean Bryant

Black Lives Matter Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Racism

Read about the death of Chadwick: Jackie Robinson Day 2020 was rescheduled for 135 days later, originally scheduled for April 15, and rescheduled for August 28. This game was 135 days after the originally scheduled Jackie Robinson Day, April 15, 2020, falling on August 28, and the Dodgers fell to 13-5 away. Remember, the…

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Henry McKee Minton, dead at 76, December 29, 1946

Black Lives Matter History Secret Societies Henry McKee Minton, one of the founders of the Boule, or Sigma Pi Phi, died at 76, the number connected to black history. Keep in mind, the Boule was established in Philadelphia, the land of the “76ers.” Notice he died four days after his birthday, and ‘4’ is associated with death. He also died…

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Rev. CT Vivian dead at 95, July 17, 2020, in Jesuit human sacrifice ritual

Boule Catholic Church Celebrity History Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Racism

I was waiting for the Jesuit ritual today, and hopefully this will be the last… as unlikely as that is. Today is July 17, or 17/7, like 177. Notice the person is dead at 95. As we know, the Jesuits were formed to stop the 95 Theses, against the Catholic Church, including the leader of the church,…

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Phoenix police shot and killed a man in a parked car July 4, 2020, sparking protests

News Police State Phoenix?  This comes on the back of the killing of 46 year old of George Floyd… Notice how Phoenix, Floyd and ‘chaos’ come togther. Let us not forget that Phoenix is on the 33rd Parallel North. This happened on July 4, or 7/4, like 74.  And we know how they like to bring 74…

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Ritual | Patrick Mahomes signs $400-million plus deal with Kansas City Chiefs, July 6, 2020, 5 months and 4 days after Super Bowl 54, reminding he is the 33rd person to win the Super Bowl as QB

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This news comes July 6, 2020, 293 days after his birthday. *293, 62nd prime; Patrick Mahomes = 62; Forty-Niners = 62; Mason = 62 Remember, the Chiefs have now scored 64 points in Super Bowls, and have had 62 scored against them, post beating the 49ers in Super Bowl 54. Also, notice the name Patrick…

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