Biden signs executive order expanding voting access on 56 year anniversary of Bloody Sunday (Selma to Montgomery Marches), March 7, 2021

Black Lives Matter Federal Government History Jesuit Politics Racism This ritual comes on the 56 year anniversary of Blood Sunday in Selma, March 7, 1965. Notice the gematria of Edmund Pettus Bridge. This news comes 233 days after John Lewis July 17, 2020 death. The number 233 is the 51st prime and 13th Fibonacci. *Federal = 51 Read more about his death here.…

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David Dinkins, New York’s only Black Mayor, the 106th, dies, November 23, 2020

Celebrity Government Murder by Numbers News Politics

47,000? The 47 jokes never end, do they? David David Dinkins, the first BLACK Mayor of New York, was the 106th. Read about Obama’s book releasing on his 106th day of his age: Read about Michelle’s big news on October 6, or 10/6: Read about more recent 106 rituals: And notice he…

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Killer Mike & Ryan Glover launch Greenwood, a black owned bank, October 10, 2020 news

Black Lives Matter Catholic Church Jesuit News Racism

It’s not hard to see it is the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) behind this divide and conquer story. *For all the black people who think having your “own stuff” is helping bring unity, you’re definitely tripping. And let’s be real, you’re the same people who would be going apeshit if there was a new “white…

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Two LA deputies shot in ambush, September 12, 2020

Black Lives Matter News Police State Racism

This national news ‘shooting’ occurred on a Saturday. Saturday = 107 / 109 *Shooting = 107 / 109 It happened at military time 19:00. Chaos = 19 Don’t forget Compton is on the 33rd Parallel North. Compton = 33 *Police = 33 *Race War = 33 The victims are 31 and 24, ages adding…

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Former Portland Trail Blazer, Cliff Robinson, dead at 53, in latest LeBron ‘King’ James ritual, August 29, 2020

Black Lives Matter Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

My favorite Portland Trail Blazer of all-time, growing up in Portland, is dead at 53, on the date of August 29, 2020, the date the Blazers can be eliminated from the playoffs by ‘Los Angeles’. His nickname was ‘Uncle Cliff’. Later today will be the 53rd game between the Lakers and Blazers. Keep in mind,…

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The Dodgers 13-5 away record on Jackie Robinson Day, 135 days after April 15, 2020 & Kobe Bean Bryant

Black Lives Matter Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Racism

Read about the death of Chadwick: Jackie Robinson Day 2020 was rescheduled for 135 days later, originally scheduled for April 15, and rescheduled for August 28. This game was 135 days after the originally scheduled Jackie Robinson Day, April 15, 2020, falling on August 28, and the Dodgers fell to 13-5 away. Remember, the…

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