Senate votes to ratify NATO memberships of Sweden and Finland, August 3, 2022, in clear God of War tribute

Federal Government Military New World Order News War

You have to love Sandy Hook and Parkland are on the front page at the same time, August 3, 2022, the ‘murder’ date, and of course, they’re stories of school murders.
Sandy Hook Elementary School = 113
Stoneman Douglas High School = 113

In light of today being 8/3, recall my post on NATO and 83 from earlier this year.

Read about the May 18, 2022, 83 ritual here.

Recall the March 24, 2022, 83 ritual here.

We’ve been talking about the ongoing them with football alongside these rituals.
Aries = 83 (The Ram)
Football = 83

Today is Tom Brady’s birthday, 8/3…

He has a lot of history with the Rams, the team who won Super Bowl 56, synced with Russia-Ukraine and the ongoing NATA story running alongside it.

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