Snoop Dogg’s Murder Was the Case album & his February 21, 1996 acquittal for the murder of Philip Woldemariam on August 25, 1993

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Snoop was 21-years-old at the time of the murder (Now this ritual in 2021) *Saturn = 93 / 21
And notice he was 24 when he was acquitted, and now his mother has died on the 24th

In ’94 Snoop Dogg released Murder Was The Case, and in the title track, he makes a deal with the ‘devil’. Notice in ’96, he was acquitted on the 52nd day of the year, corresponding with ‘devil’.

When you run it backwards, ‘devil’ equates with ‘murder’.

The man killed was ‘Philip Woldemariam’, a name equating to 94, like the year of the album.

Roman Catholic Church = 94
-The entity coordinating these rituals

Notice, the film was 18 minutes long.

And back then, Snoop was born in ’72.

Now he is turning 50 in 2021, because his birthday changed to ’71.
Catholic = 71

With regards to him turning 50, it fits in with the satanic ritual.
Satanic = 50

And notice, the killing in ’93 was on August 25, or 25/8, like 258.

’93, … 258 (25/8)…

Read about the Order of Illuminati and the actor who plays Satan in the Murder Was the Case music video, Gregory Cummins.

Of course, that actor was born in ’56, and Snoop’s murder was 56 days before his birthday.

In the lyrics to Murder Was the Case, he buys his mom a Mercedes Benz after he makes the deal with the devil.

Again, he was 21 at the time of the murder, he was acquitted on the 21st in February, and now his mom is dead in ’21.

And get that, the family of the victim moved to the U.S. in ’79.

Keep in mind this was around the same time as the OJ Simpson murder trial. And OJ was born on 7/9, or 79…

For one more fact, from the alleged murder, to the acquittal was a span of 911 days. Can you say ‘Vatican’?

In light of this all being synced with Snoop’s ‘Corona’ commercial as well, think about this.
Corona = 96
Murder Was the Case = 96

The music video starts with a sign that says “cold beer.”
Beer = 21
Jesuit = 21
-21, legal drinking age

For another thought, Snoop released his latest album on April 20, or 4/20.
-From the August 25, 1993 murder to the release of the album October 18, 1994 was a span of 420 days
-420 associated with smoking weed (What Snoop is known for)

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