The CDC’s approval of Covid-19 vaccine for ages 5-11, November 2, 2021, on Rochelle Walensky’s 212th day of her age

Coronavirus Jesuit New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

This news comes on her 212th day of her age, on November 2, or 11/2, like 112. Notice the following Gematria connections.
Rochelle Paula Walensky = 86 / 112
Coronavirus Vaccine = 86 / 112 / 212
-“86” reminds me of Bill Gates TED talk… and Hiroshima…

Read about Pfizer being approved as the first vaccine for Covid on December 2, or 2/12, in Europe (New World Order).

Read more about Covid-19 vaccine rituals and 212.

Jesuits = 86
-Jesuits operate in 112 countries
-Today is 11/2

As for the name Rochelle Walensky alone.
Rochelle Walensky = 82
Covid = 82
Pfizer = 82

Here’s another 82 covid story from today, about Adar Poonawalla, November 2.
Loyola = 82
Jesuits operate in 112 countries
Jesuits have university in Seattle (Seattle University)

And don’t forget about the 82 covid pills from Merck.

And remember, age group 11-5, in in a meeting from 11 AM to 5 PM, and they’re saying they should be available as soon as tomorrow, or by the end of the week, which is November 5, or 11/5…

It reminds that the first case of Covid-19 was January 15, 2020, in Seattle, Washington, or 11/5, in Bill and Melinda Gates foundation’s backyard.

Notice how Walensky is from ‘Peabody, Massachusetts.’
Peabody, Massachusetts = 115 / 65
-Pandemic = 65

And sadly, this number is connected to death, and Bill Gates has publicly said we can reduce the population with vaccines, at his February 2010 TED Talk, titled ‘Innovating to Zero’.

Pandemic = 151
January 15 can be written 15/1, or 1/15

Read about the FDA’s approval of the vaccine, October 29, 2021, in a huge ritual, coming 322 days after the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer vaccine for adults.

For the clincher, today is Anthony Fauci’s 37th anniversary of becoming the leader of NIH, November 2, 1984.
Virus = 37

1984 was also the year the Rockefeller Foundation made a goal of vaccinating all of the children of the world.

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  1. Miami Boy on November 2, 2021 at 7:10 pm

    Rona made the list as a controlled bio agent

    However on the list as well is MARV where the photo used here showing whats MARV & it shows a 666

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