The Great, new Hulu series on Catherine the Great, May 15, 2020, starring Elle Fanning

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Hulu just released a TV show called ‘The Great’, about Catherine the Great, the same one who saved the 201 Jesuits after they were banned on July 21, 1773, and again, Even 201 was the coronavirus outbreak simulation.  Notice the show began on May 15, or 15/5.

Read about George Floyd coming down with coronavirus on the 155th day of 2020, June 3, or 6/3:

The name of the show, The Great, sums to 84 and 42 like ‘Jesuit’.

The Great = 132; Catholic Church = 132\

Read about Catherine the Great and the 201 Jesuits:

Read about Event 201, in relation to the Jesuits:

Recall, Adolfo Nicolas, the Jesuit leader, died 155 days after Pope Francis’ birthday, May 20, 2020:

The choice of Elle Fanning as the actress is no accident. Notice the name sums to 54, same as Jesuit Order.

Adolfo Nicolas just died 155 days after the Pope’s birthday.

John Carroll established the first Jesuit University, Georgetown, in 1789, after turning 54 years old.

The Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was setup next to the Jesuit university, Seattle University, June 8, 2020, a 54 date.

6/8/2020 = 6+8+20+20 = 54

Watch out for Seattle on June 20 by the way, it is the (206) area code, and June 20 can be written 20/6, like 206.

As for that cover, they’re telling us, coronavirus is ‘fuck you’.

So is social distancing.

So is the George Perry Floyd killing.

The Civil War began April 12, 1861, the 102nd day of the year.

Also, Coronavirus has been compared to Spanish Flu, that began in 1918, 102 years earlier, and came out of World War I.

For one last point, Elle Fanning was born on 9/4, like 94.

Mary Elle Fanning = 78; Jesuit = 78

Catherine the Great’s husband died July 17, or 17/7.

The Jesuit Order = 177; New World Order = 177; Propaganda = 177

The middle finger is also know as the ‘Saturn Finger’.

Notice the name of the middle finger is not only Saturn Finger, but Madhyama, summing to 42, the same as ‘Saturn’ and Jesuit’.

Saturn = 21; Jesuit = 21

Saturn = 93; Wuhan Coronavirus = 93

It also has the 30 connection.


  1. AnthonyCDavison on September 6, 2020 at 6:18 am

    Just noticed these recent news articles pertaining to hunting for her lost treasure, hope you find them useful; I noticed in this first article her art/coins/treasure collection totals 78,000 items reminding of “The Great” summing to 78 in Reverse Reduction EP and “The Jesuit Order” summing to 78 in Single Reduction: This one is being promoted on

    Hope you find this useful.

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