THE GREATER RITUAL Part 4: Mercury, God Of Transportation, God of Journalism

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Above: Sculpture of the deity MERCURY on the Southern facade of the most famous transportation hub in the world Grand Central Terminal in New York City. The title of the work is Transportation.

I will start each segment with the crucial reminder that in the tropical zodiac, the two signs that are ruled by the planet MERCURY are GEMINI And VIRGO. This is absolutely central to recognizing Mercury rituals.

Mercury rituals will involve characteristics of the Greco-Roman deity Hermes/Mercury. A description of Hermes/Mercury is that he is a god of travelers and transportation, famously acknowledged at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.

This also acknowledged in the Bible.

The planet MERCURY rules GEMINI. The sign for GEMINI is TWINS. The twins of GEMINI are CASTOR and POLLUX of Greek mythology. They are referenced in ACTS 28:11 (NIV)

Ships were the main form of intercontinental travel in those days. The figurehead of Castor and Pollux on ships’ bows were allusions to HERMES/MERCURY as GOD OF TRANSPORTATION.

88 is a Mercury-number in that its orbital period is 87.9 days.

This – like everything else – is reflected in Gematria.

The movie Back to the Future features time travel using a Delorian automobile that has to reach 88 miles-per-hour in order to achieve time travel. This is a Mercury, god-of-transportation reference.


The Kobe Bryant death ritual was part of the greater project; the Mercury ritual, included multiple aspects of a Mercury ritual as addressed in Parts 1 and 2.

The one crucial Mercury element not mentioned till now is the element of TRANSPORTATION. The death included a helicopter which is a form of transportation and a key Mercury allusion.

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha

The highest-profile helicopter crash death in sports before Kobe Bryant happened in 2018 in Leicester England where the Thai owner of Leicester City of The Premier League was reported to have died when his helicopter crashed outside the stadium after a Premier League match.

Two birthdays are given by Wikipedia, but June 5th makes Srivaddhanaprabha GEMINI, ruled by Mercury, god-of-transportation, hence the helicopter.

58 is another Mercury planetary number (its sidereal rotation period). He was born in ’58.

This was a clear Mercury ritual.


An elevator is a form of transportation. The official report of Prince‘s death states that he was found unresponsive in an elevator.

Prince also has the Mercury planetary number 58 (sidereal rotation period) in his birth-year.

Prince died at age 57; an occult (Gematria) reference to GEMINI. Prince’s former partner Vanity also died aged 57.

From the date of Vanity’s death (Feb. 15th, 2016) to the date of Prince’s death (April 21, 2016) – including both beginning and end dates – is a span of 67 days.

An important number because “Mercury ritual” sums to 67.


John F Kennedy is a Gemini ruled by Mercury, hence TRANSPORTATION as a theme of his ritual death.

Tupac Shakur

TRANSPORTATION as a theme in the ritual death of Tupac Shakur , a Gemini who died on a VIRGO date; September 13th. There are other Mercury-ritual elements with Tupac Shakur: Jesus imagery; appearing as a crucified christ on an album cover. He died on a date with 137 numerology, the 33rd prime number and major “Jesus number.”

Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn was a star of MTV hit series “Jackass.”

Again: GEMINI and transportation are major themes. Both are related to MERCURY. His death-date has 57 numerology.

Another aspect of some Mercury-rituals is 9-11. September 11th is speculated to be the real birthday of “Jesus”; the Messenger-of-God a characteristic of the deity Mercury, which dove-tails with the fact that a September 11th birth is VIRGO which is ruled by the planet MERCURY.

September 11th World Trade Center destruction was the grandest anti-Mercury ritual of all.

Ryan Dunn is reported to have been driving a Porche 911.

His time-of-death is reported as 3:30 am, another 33 “Jesus number” so common in Mercury rituals. The Jackass logo is influenced by the famous Skull-and-Bones symbol.

This is interesting because the Skull-and-Bones secret society logo also contains the number 322, and Dunn crashed on ROUTE 322 in West Goshen Township, Chester, Pennsylvania.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is still alive. So why is he on this list? Many in the “truth community” are aware of the Paul McCartney “replacement theory”. For those who aren’t – in a nutshell: It is believed, based on, among other things – indications put out by the music industry itself – that the original Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966, and that one or more doppelgängers have portrayed him since.

As previously mentioned: many Mercury rituals contain 911. In this theory the death date of Paul McCartney is believed to be 9-11. It is disputed if that means 9th November or September 11th.

A primary indicator is the 1967 Beatles hit A Day in the Life (released on a day under GEMINI) in which the lyrics seem to allude to Paul dying in a car crash.

As for the lyrics “Nobody was really sure if he was from the House of Lords”: the lyrics are actually sung “….House of PAUL“.

Twin symbolism is also central to Mercury rituals; as a symbol of GEMINI and – in this case – also a symbol of Paul McCartney being duplicated or cloned.

More twin/GEMINI symbolism with Paul McCartney: his album Twin Freaks released on a Gemini date in 2005.

In 2015 Beatles drummer Ringo Starr reportedly alluded to the death of Paul McCartney in an interview with the Hollywood Inquirer.

For more on the Paul McCartney death theory look at the work of Mark Devlin and Mike Williams a.k.a. Sage of Quay among others.


911 happened on a date under VIRGO, the primary target being a giant twin/GEMINI symbol. Virgo and Gemini the two MERCURY signs. MERCURY = 41 in Gematria hence its prevalence in this and other Mercury rituals.

9 + 11 + 20 + 01 = 41. In Gematria USA = 41, Saudi Arabia = 41, Al Qaeda = 41, Airplanes = 41. The Pentagon’s construction started in the year ’41.

Paramount to a Mercury ritual is the inclusion of an attribute of the deity Mercury; in this case rulership over travelers and TRANSPORTATION, hence airplanes were presented as the primary weapons.

Princess DIANA

Diana is neither VIRGO nor GEMINI but her death-date of August 31st is under VIRGO.

Diana is named after the Roman moon goddess. She represented the goddess archetype in general:

For example: she endorsed a fragrance named after ancient Kemetian/Egyptian goddess ISIS.

Diana also represented the MAIDEN symbol of VIRGO, which is related to the metaphor of the sacred feminine. Her birthday of July 1st; written 71 synchronizes with the term “sacred feminine” in Gematria.

Diana’s birthday synchronizes with the Gematria of “Virgo”, the zodiac sign of her death-date. She died in a car crash, which also synchronizes in Gematria.

“Maiden” synchs with “Mercurius” the Roman term for Mercury. 116 is also the synodic period of the planet Mercury. 116 is 911 upside-down.

The car Diana crashed in was a Mercedes-Benz. No high-level Mercury ritual is complete without a 911:

The name of the car manufacturer Mercedes (MERC-edes) is based on “MERCury”; a name chosen as an allusion to the god-of-TRANSPORTATION.

The Gematria of the location confirms a Mercury ritual. 58 is the sidereal rotation period of the planet Mercury. 41 usually shows up in anything Mercury-related.

Diana’s partner Dodi Fayed was another reported victim in the crash.


The most salient characteristic of the Greco-Roman deity Hermes/Mercury is the Messenger-of-the-gods.

Mercury is also a scribe. Hermes/Mercury precursor is Egyptian/Kemetian Thoth/Djehuti who is often depicted writing, as on the papyrus below.

Many newspapers pay homage to the deity Thoth/Djehuti/Hermes/Mercury with their names Courier and Messenger.

Further homage is paid to Mercury the scribe in the fact that the craters on the planet Mercury are named after famous writers and artists.

Gary Webb

Investigative journalist Gary Webb was Mercury on many levels: firstly he was a VIRGO; born August 31st same as Princess Diana’s death-date. Secondly he was a writer.

Esoteric synchronicity in Gematria.

The paper that Gary Webb wrote for was the San Jose MERCURY News.

Webb’s Dark Alliance series exposed the CIA’s creation of the crack-cocaine epidemic and its destructive effects; primarily on African-American communities. Dark Alliance led to four major investigations of its charges. Webb was “suicided” for his reporting, and celebrated in the 2014 movie Kill the Messenger.

From Gary Webb’s 2014 birthday to the movie’s release date is 40 days. Including the end date it is a 41 day span.

40 and 41 are Gematria values of MERCURY.

Kill The Messenger sums to 88. 88 days is the orbital cycle of the planet Mercury.

Kill The Messenger also sums to 74 gematria. 74 is the primary “Jesus” number. Gary Webb is a Christ-like martyr.

With this many themes, symbols and numbers it is safe to say that Gary Webb is Mercury.

Hermes/Mercury is also known by the moniker “SCRIBE OF THE GODS.”

Michael Hastings

Michael Hastings – like Gary Webb – did genuine investigative reporting that exposed the depravity of the United States government. His reporting led to the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal a commander of U.S. and NATO forces in the military operation in Afghanistan.

  • His journalism is an allusion to Mercury. In Gematria MERCURY synchs with JOURNALIST (40). HERMES synchs with JOURNALIST (68).
  • Mercury rules GEMINI. His death-date of June 18th is under GEMINI in the tropical zodiac.
  • He died on a date with 57 numerology. 57 is the Gematria value of GEMINI.
  • Mercury rules TRANSPORTATION. His death involved transportation. Like Princess Diana he crashed in a MERCedes Benz.
  • 911 and 119 are common in Mercury rituals. September 11th is VIRGO.
  • Jesus Christ symbolism is also common in Mercury rituals. 33 is a primary “Jesus number.” Hastings died at 33 years old.

His last article was “Why Democrats Love to Spy On Americans” was published on Buzz Feed. Gematria reveals another example of a Jesus reference in a Mercury ritual.

His article was published on June 7th; a date written 6/7 like the Gematria value of “Mercury ritual” and “Michael Hastings.”

He accused the U.S. government of a war on journalism. Which aligns with “Hermes” the “god of journalism.”

179 is the 41st prime. 41 is the primary Gematria of “Mercury.”

Tim Russert

Tim Russert is another journalist whose work threatened the political elite: He questioned 2000 U.S. presidential candidates John Kerry and George W Bush – on his television show Meet the Press – about their membership in Skull-and-Bones secret society.

  • He died on a date under GEMINI.
  • He died at 58. The Mercury planetary number (sidereal rotation period).
  • 59 is also a Mercury number since its sidereal rotation period is 58.6 days. 277 is the 59th prime number.

88 is the orbital period of Mercury.

  • Skull and Bones is related to this Mercury ritual just as it is with Ryan Dunn of Jackass. In Gematria “SKULL AND BONES” sums to 41 just as MERCURY sums to 41.

He was pronounced dead at 2:23 the reflection of the Skull and Bones signature number 322.

Other high-profile personalities have lived and died by the “Mercury code.” Since stars and planets influence events on Earth these could be natural occurrences, or they could be conscious ritual manipulation, or both. Or they could be random events that happened to random people at random times.

Such as CBS 60 Minutes reporter BOB SIMON

  • Born May 29th he is GEMINI ruled by MERCURY.
  • Born in the year ’41. 41 a Gematria value of MERCURY.
  • He was reportedly held captive for 40 days in the ’91 Gulf War, and wrote a book about it titled Forty Days. In gematria’s purest cipher MERCURY = 40.
  • He died in a car accident: TRANSPORTATION is a MERCURY theme.
  • He died on a Wednesday. Wednesday in Latin is Mercurii; Mercury day.

In the case of KOBE BRYANT it seems clear that he was chosen as part of a broader over-arching Mercury-themed esoteric project; the primary factor being his birth as a VIRGO (in the tropical zodiac).

HERMES/MERCURY is also the god of contests, athletes, gymnasiums, the games.